Corey Donovan

I’ve been immersed in the remarketing industry since January of 2000, and currently serve as Vice President of Vibrant Technologies. I may also be the most feared Wiffleball pitcher on staff.

I work with Vibrant to help maximize our quality and reach out to the IT community as an evangelist of Vibrant and the used server market while also managing our corporate weblog, The Remarketer.

I have specific training and experience in HP and Sun Servers as well as Cisco Networking hardware, but I’m dangerous on several other platforms as well.

I am passionate about the remarketed side of our industry. It’s quite a rush to know that you can win business with a Fortune 500 client, beat out a multi-billion dollar competitor and save your client 50% or more on the purchase. Its even better when the client calls to say “you guys really saved me” or “you do great work.”

Who doesn’t want to be one of the good guys?


Michelle Clough

Michelle Clough is a talented account executive here at Vibrant with almost 10 years experience in the remarketed IT industry.


Erick “Hudson” JensenErick Jensen

Erick Jensen is a skilled technician certified in a variety of networking and storage platforms and a lover of all things geek and pop-culture. Whether you need a Cisco switch repaired, a virtualization implementation completed or a LOLcats caption, Erick is your guy.


Lindsi Gish

(Retired Remarketer. Currently online at: and Social Media Girl)

Lindsi worked at Vibrant in client relations and marketing, fresh out of college.

In her words: “I’m in a unique position. I actually enjoy coming to work each and every day. And its not just Vibrant, or the people here. (Although we’re a pretty fun bunch.) It’s our customers, our partners and other professional (and personal) relationships across the board. It’s the overall sense of being part of something great. I love what I do.”

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  1. [...] I have two titles – CSR (Customer Service Representative) and Marketing Assistant. I don’t use the CSR title much, because that makes me think of the person you get when you call the cell phone company. That’s not at all what I do. I work in Minnetonka, for a remarketed IT reseller called Vibrant Technologies. The CSR part of my job is basically account management. I have a team of four sales guys, and I help them with sales transactions, purchase orders, payable and receivable invoices, shipment and the occasional part sourcing. The parts of my job that cross the CSR/Marketing border are GSA Advantage (a place for federal contractors to buy and sell) which I am learning to manage, and, where I set up a ZShop and uploaded a bunch of products for one of my sales guys to sell. (I’ll be expanding it eventually, we’re just starting to get it figured out). And the marketing stuff… well, that’s across the board. I’m an author/editor on our new company blog, I help plan company events (site visits, catering, entertainment, party supply rentals, etc.), provide feedback on new campaign ideas, write copy for collateral, work with printers for promotional materials, and on and on. [...]

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