PS3: Your mother(board) was a blade server!

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The Playstation Blog has drawn the curtain strings a salivating tad to show off their very impressive server cluster of rackmounted PS3s that run it’s multi-player game Warhawk.

The Data Center Knowledge blog keanly observes:

The powerful processor is no stranger to the data center, as it is also being used in IBM System X blade servers and System Z mainframes.

Players of Warhawk on Playstation 3s take advantage of a server method they call IGS or “Integrated Game Server”, which is essentially distributed computing. This allows players to take advantage of PS3s nearby to reduce latency, but Sony also wanted to have dedicated racks of PS3s available to gamers as well.

It is this type of innovation potential which made us choose the PS3 as one of the ten servers that changed the world last year and it’s beginning to fulfill the prophecy, at least in the gaming world.

I would love to get my hands on one of these rackmount kits and rig a PS3 into one of our server racks for our next in-house video game happy hour.

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One thought on “PS3: Your mother(board) was a blade server!

  1. Holy hell, that plain awesome.
    I wonder how much these racks cost…
    Cool idea for a server center!

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