Seven Facts about Sys Admins – A SysAdmin Day Infographic

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SysAdmin Infographic

Today was the 14th annual SysAdmin day and to celebrate, we’ve curated some of the best facts and figures we could find about the modern systems administrator.  Please feel free to share or embed our infographic as you celebrate today.

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Here are a handful of key figures from the infographic:

  • The Average Sys Admin earns $69,160 annually
  • Computer Systems/ Design is the top vertical for Sys Admin pay ($74.230) & employment (13.9%)
  • SysAdmins in Educational Services lag those in other industries. Pay averages $59,230
  • SysAdmins are expected to be paid 27.8% more by 2020 (compared to 14% for all jobs)
  • 88% of SysAdmins want to be SysAdmins
  • Sys Admins prefer Email (47%), Private IM (30%) and Public IM (14%) for communications.
  • 90% of Sys Admins feel more responsibility and time demands, but 75% are satisfied in their career.
  • Sys Admins most enjoy Solving Problems, Helping Users, Thinking on their feet & New Tech:
  • System Administrators prefer Beer (29%), Soda (19%) and Coffee (10%) when off duty.

Special Offers for Sys Admins:

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Kudos to Solarwinds and the Standalone SysAdmin, whose excellent research enabled this infographic, along with statistics from the US Bureau of Labor.

To all of the sys admins out there, here’s hoping your staff shows you the adulation you deserve today and tell the boss we said it’s ok to skip out early.  :)

Cheers and Happy SysAdmin Day!

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