What I Love about Minnesota

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An “I Love Minnnesota” meme has been started by Aaron Weiche of the Find Buffalo Blog and we’ve been tagged by Patrick Schaber of Transition Networks and local marketing blog, The Lonely Marketer!

Spring is a great time of year to kick off this meme, because if it had been launched in February instead, I’m pretty sure I would have come up with the reasons why I wanted to move to Cali instead! Despite a giant CO-2 encrusted snow pile still melting at Eden Prairie Mall, I’m feeling MN again, so here we go:

1. Big Business meets MN Nice
Best Buy, Target, Medtronic, General Mills, 3M, ADC, and Hormel (Spam!) all call Minnesota home among many other top-notch corporations. This provides a healthy employment market locally as well as a steady flow of clients and trade-in used IT hardware that we can pick up locally. Despite the ominous corporate skyscrapers downtown and the sprawling business campuses of the suburbs, the people here really are nice.

2. The Twin Cities is the Silicon Valley of Used Hardware
There are more used IT hardware dealers in MN than just about anywhere else in the USA (due to some of the early players in the industry settling here). We love this because we are a large inventory player and serve as a distributor to many of these resellers, making them our clients and partners.

3. Diversity of Activities
While I might not appreciate the changing of seasons as much as others do, I do appreciate the diversity of activities the Twin Cities and the state has to offer. If you’re a city person, there are great concert venues, theater, professional sports, universities and more. If you’re a country mouse, you can still live on the outskirts and commute in, or stay out that way entirely. While there is no ocean, Lake Superior seems as vast as one (and people even surf up there when the waves are just right).

Surfing Lake Super

The following Minnesota bloggers are now it:

Julio Ojeda-Zapata (My Tech Weblog of choice)
Graeme Thickins (who I’m bummed that I didn’t run into at BarCamp last weekend)
Ed Kohler (and his outstanding wife)
Sven Sundgaard (Straight outta Cottage Grove, our shared hometown)
Thomas McMahon (Widget Wizard)

About Corey Donovan
Corey Donovan has worked in the IT hardware remarketing industry since January of 2000. He also has experience on the solution provider side of the industry as a former marketing executive for one of the Midwest's largest VARs. Corey started The Remarketer blog for Vibrant in 2007 and continues on as a contributor and editor and serves as the Vice President at Vibrant Technologies.

2 thoughts on “What I Love about Minnesota

  1. I love…

    that people are such great drivers because we’re all so used to driving in wintery conditions.


  2. hey, Cory — sorry I missed you at Minnebar! what an event, huh?

    where did you get that great shot of surfing on the Big lake? it’s awesome!
    when was it shot, and at what break?


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