What Makes Us Vibrant?

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Google says we are; that must count for something, right? A vanity search for “Vibrant” at Yahoo shows they think we’re pretty vibrant (#1 as of this writing). Google at least had the sense to place us 2nd to an aftermarket auto parts company.  (We can’t argue with that.) Stay tuned for a future collaboration featuring optional ground effects for servers or switches. ;)

From a literal standpoint, Vibrant is our company name and URL. I think the question implies a deeper answer though; how can an IT hardware remarketer, in the land of ice and snow, be bold enough to represent itself as Vibrant?

Let’s take a look at some definitions from Answers.com:


  1. Vigorous, lively, and vital.
    Wow, now that’s something to live up to. 

    I believe we do and here’s why:  Our staff is an amazing group to work with. From the top down, the people here are buzzing and the sun seems to go down as soon as it comes up.

    We are very active in positioning our company as a unique solution, vital to providing a competitive marketplace and we strive to be as responsive as any company in any industry.

    Plus, our president looks so young that he gets carded at movies. (He hates that; he’s really 36. They say the cold preserves.)
  2. Exhibiting or characterized by rapid, rhythmic movement back and forth.

    Errr… maybe this definition applies to those aftermarket effects dudes (kidding, please put down the neon crowbar, again
  3. Resonant or resounding: vibrant voices.

    We’re proud to be the first used server reseller we know of to blog, and we’re attempting to provide clarity and honesty in what can be construed as a convoluted industry.
  4. Relatively high on the scale of brightness: a vibrant hue.

    It’s a huge advantage to work for talented, visionary owners and with extremely bright technicians and salespeople.

    We are relatively unknown when compared with an IBM or an HP and I think that drives the need to compensate by working to be smarter, more nimble and as Vibrant as possible.
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