HP K370 Servers, HP9000 K370, used and refurbished

HP9000 K370 ServerThe HP 9000 K370 Server provides an expandable UNIX-based platform that can be used for various applications. The K370 is ideal for data warehousing, front-end processing, OLTP, advanced Web hosting, data marts, product data management (PDM), decision support, e-commerce, file server and batch opertations.

Vibrant Technologies carries used HP K370 systems, parts and upgrades.

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HP9000 K370 Server Specifications
Specifications Description
PA-RISC Processor


SMP Configurations Supports 1 to 6 CPUs
Memory 128MB/4098GB Min/Max
Cache 2/2MB (Instr./Data) per CPU
Disk Capacity 13.9TB
PB I/O Slots 4 Maximum I/O Slots
HSC I/O Slots 3 Maximum I/O Slots (HSC – high-speed system connect)
Internal Fast/Wide SCSI-2 4 Internal SCSI-2 Disk Bays
Graphics Supports 2D Color Graphics (optional)
Standard K-Class Features 802.3 LAN, F/W/D SCSI-2, Serial UPS control port, remote console modem, integrated port for external modem, single-ended SCSI-2 (for internal media), RS-232 MUX distribution port, keyboard, mouse, and parallel Centronics port

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