Vibrant stocks new and used HBA Cards from Emulex, Qlogic and Adaptec.  Used Host Bus Adapters are abundant in stock, as feature cards added to servers or workstations to connect to an external device such as a storage array or a fiber SAN Switch.

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Used Emulex CardsOur best-selling HBAs are Emulex Cards, offering 1Gb, 2Gb and 4Gbps models from PCI-X to SBUS, new and used.
Used Qlogic HBAsQlogic Storage Connectivity cards and Host Bus Adapters.
Used JNI HBAsLegacy JNI Fiber Channel HBAs and host bus cards available used.
Used Adaptec CardsAdaptec Feature cards and adapters.


Host Bus Adapters Overview:

Host bus adapters (HBA) is a network communication device or an interface card that consists of integrated circuit board and is used for connecting a host system or serve with an  associated storage area network  by providing I/O processing and physical connectivity. Host bus adapters are also known as Host controllers or Host controller. Host bus adapter take off load from processors of both server and storage devices which results in improved server performance as well as efficient data storage and retrieval. Collectively, a host bus adapter and associated storage device are known as disk channel.

Why Host Bus Adapter?

It’s typically due to an essential connectivity function.  An HBA provides connectivity services for Fibre Channel, SCSI and eSATA devices but currently the term Host bus adapters is used for Fibre Channel connectivity. As aforementioned, host bus adapter takes off load from host processor which allows server to concentrate on application requirements and management which results in several advantages such as automatic load balancing, fail-over and several application organization and management features. These management capabilities are critical in such environments where storage network is growing and myriad of devices are connected to the fibre channel. Efficient management is required to ensure seamless working of such complex networks and Host bus adapters make it possible. One of the biggest advantages of host bus adapter is that it is capable of delivering throughput at a speed nearly similar to actual link and it does not impact the CPU in the meantime.

Components of Host bus adapter

Host bus adapter, like other network devices is a combination of several interacting components. Almost all the host bus adapters have following components.

  • A built in processor
  • ASIC controller
  • Buffer Memory

A key difference between Network Interface Card (NIC) and Host bus adapter is that NIC uses Server’s processor for protocol processing whereas HBA has its own mechanism to ensure packet sequence and error detection.

Integration with SAN (Storage Area Network)

An HBA integrates well into SAN. CPU offload and IO Translation are the two major functions performed by HBA inside SAN. SAN are usually designed for transferring block level data. Whenever a SCSI drives sends some data, HBA is responsible for mapping that data to the SAN protocol. This allows fibre channel type flow of network traffic. In order to release processing pressure from the CPU, HBA stores data coming from storage arrays into the associated buffers. This buffering of data by HBA help eliminate bottlenecks in CPU processing. For smooth functioning of HBA inside the SAN, HBA needs to be managed SAN management software and for that purpose there has to be an API associated with HBA that can be used to manipulate HBA functions. Therefore in latest HBAs, an associated API is shipped in order to manipulate the functionalities of HBA.

Several vendors are manufacturing Host Bus Adapters; few names to mention include Emulex, Qlogic, HP, Dell, IBM and CISCO. HBAs are a very crucial networking device particularly in complex network environments where large amounts of data needs to be transferred over the network.

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