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Used STK / StorageTek 

StorageTek Tape Systems, libraries, drives and upgrades.

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IBM TotalStorage Tape Systems and drives.

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Quantum Tape Autoloaders, Libraries and Tape Drives.

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Dell Libraries, Drives and Autoloader Storage.

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ADIC libraries, standalone tape drives and disk-based backup.

Used Exabyte Tape 

Exabyte Autoloaders, tape drives and libraries.

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Extended Overview of External Tape Storage Devices:

Tape libraries and external Tape storage devices are a type of storage solutions that are used to store enterprise level application data. In this article we are going to present an overview of tape libraries and external tape storage devices along with their structure, purpose and overview.

1-     External Tape Drives

Tape storage solutions typically consist of a magnetic tape which is used to store and access data. Tape storage devices are useful for backup data and offline storage because although they can store huge amounts of data, data retrieval and storage is not fast, hence it cannot be used for run time data retrieval and storage.

Tape storage allows sequential data access unlike hard drives where you can randomly access any data on the disk. Actually it is due to this sequential data access that tape storage are considered slower than other storage types but the benefit of tape storage is huge amounts of data can be stored.

Advantages of External Tape Drives

  • Portable data storage, easy to transfer data from one machine to the other.
  • Additional storage capacity other than internal storage devices.
  • Can be used to store backup data that is not frequently retrieved.

Similar to other storage solutions, Tape Drives are also being manufactured by all the major hardware vendors including HP, IBM, Dell, NetApp, Hitachi etc.

We have discussed what tape drives are and what are the advantages of external tape drives, in the next section we are going to explain another similar concept called Tape Libraries.

2-     Tape Libraries

Tape library is a type of data storage device that stores data on sets of tape drives. Tape library is also known as Tape Jukebox, Tape Silo or Tape Robot. Tape libraries contain set of tape drives arranged in slots.

Components of Tape Library

Following are some of the major components of a Tape Library

  • One or more tape drives.
  • Multiple slots to hold each tape drive cartridge.
  • A barcode scanner that is used to identify the each tape drive.
  • An automated process for loading tape drives from slots, this loading mechanism is also called a Robot.

Benefits of Tape Libraries

  • Tape libraries can store immense amounts of data, far more than what hard drives and network attached storage devices can store.

  • Although, Tape Libraries are expensive to build and amount can reach even a million dollar in order to build a large state of the art enterprise level tape library. However, the cost per gigabyte is lower than contemporary hard drives and NAS.

  • Software supported is one of the key benefits associated with Tape Libraries, these softwares help you manage and organize your tape libraries efficiently.

  • And last but not the least, each cartridges in the library have a barcode attached with it and selection of the cartridge for data retrieval is done through scanning these barcode followed by autoloaders (robots) load required data in sequential manner. This barcode scanning mechanism coupled with robots increase data access rate contemporary to other sequential access devices.

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