Vibrant carries a broad inventory of used IBM AS400 servers, features, upgrades, peripherals and parts. The IBM AS/400 is the legacy to the current IBM System I product line, but Vibrant continues to provide these end of life used and refurbished AS400 systems and parts to clients worldwide.

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Used AS400 9406 Series Models
IBM 9406-170AS/400 9406-170Quote Button
IBM 9406-250AS/400 9406-250Quote Button
IBM 9406-270AS/400 9406-270Quote Button
IBM 9406-520AS/400 9406-520Quote Button
IBM 9406-550AS400 9406-550Quote Button
IBM 9406-570AS400 9406-570Quote Button
IBM 9406-595AS400 9406-595Quote Button
IBM 9406-600AS400 9406-600Quote Button
IBM 9406-620AS400 9406-620Quote Button
IBM 9406-640AS400 9406-640Quote Button
IBM 9406-650AS400 9406-650Quote Button
IBM 9406-720AS400 9406-720Quote Button
IBM 9406-730AS400 9406-730Quote Button
IBM 9406-740AS400 9406-740Quote Button
IBM 9406-800AS400 9406-800Quote Button
IBM 9406-810AS400 9406-810Quote Button
IBM 9406-820AS400 9406-820Quote Button
IBM 9406-825AS400 9406-825Quote Button
IBM 9406-830AS400 9406-830Quote Button
IBM 9406-840AS400 9406-840Quote Button
IBM 9406-870AS400 9406-870Quote Button
IBM 9406-890AS400 9406-890Quote Button
Used AS400 9404 Series Models
IBM 9404-B10AS400 9404 Model B10Quote Button
IBM 9404-B20AS400 9404 Model B20Quote Button
IBM 9404-C10AS400 9404 Model C10Quote Button
IBM 9404-C20AS400 9404 Model C20Quote Button
IBM 9404-C25AS/400 9404 Model C25Quote Button
IBM 9404-D10AS/400 9404 Model D10Quote Button
IBM 9404-D20AS/400 9404 Model D20Quote Button
IBM 9404-D25AS/400 9404 Model D25Quote Button
IBM 9404-E10AS/400 9404 Model E10Quote Button
IBM 9404-E20AS/400 9404 Model E20Quote Button
IBM 9404-E25AS400 9404 Model E25Quote Button
IBM 9404-F10AS400 9404 Model F10Quote Button
IBM 9404-F20AS400 9404 Model F20Quote Button
IBM 9404-F25AS400 9404 Model F25Quote Button
IBM 9404-135AS400 9404 Model 135Quote Button
IBM 9404-140AS400 9404 Model 140Quote Button
Used AS/400 9403 Series Models
IBM 9403-100AS400 9403 Model 100Quote Button
IBM 9403-20SAS400 9403 Model 20sQuote Button
IBM 9403-200/2030AS400 9403-200 Model 2030Quote Button
IBM 9403-200/2031AS400 9403-200 Model 2031Quote Button
IBM 9403-236AS/400 9403 Model 236Quote Button
IBM 9403-2111AS/400 9403 Model 2111Quote Button
IBM 9403-2112AS/400 9403 Model 2112Quote Button
IBM 9403-2130AS/400 9403 Model 2130Quote Button
IBM 9403-2131AS/400 9403 Model 2131Quote Button
IBM 9403-2132AS/400 9403 Model 2132Quote Button
IBM 9403-2133AS400 9403 Model 2133Quote Button
IBM 9403-2134AS400 9403 Model 2134Quote Button
IBM 9403-2135AS400 9403 Model 2135Quote Button
IBM 9403-2136AS400 9403 Model 2136Quote Button
IBM 9403-400AS400 9403 Model 400Quote Button
IBM 9403-40SAS400 9403 Model 40sQuote Button
IBM 9403-436AS400 9403 Model 436Quote Button
IBM 9403-C04AS400 9403 Model c04Quote Button
IBM 9403-C06AS400 9403 Model c06Quote Button
IBM 9403-D02AS400 9403 Model d02Quote Button
IBM 9403-D04AS400 9403 Model d04Quote Button