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We buy and sell new and used IBM Power Systems and features.

Power Systems encompass various products including:

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IBM Power 520
Entry Level IBM Power Systems models.

IBM Power System 520 Models:
9408-M259408 Model M25Quote Button
9407-M159407 Model M15Quote Button
8203-E4A8203 Model E41AQuote Button

IBM Power 550
The IBM Power Systems mid-range Series.

IBM Power System 550 Models:
8204-E8A8204 Model E8AQuote Button
9409-M509409 Model M50Quote Button

IBM Power 560 (8234-EMA)
The IBM 8234-EMA Power 560 Series offers a solution for mid-large size applications.

IBM Power System 560 Models:
8234-EMA18234 Model EMA1Quote Button
8234-EMA28234 Model EMA2Quote Button
8234-EMA38234 Model EMA3Quote Button

IBM Power 570 (9117-MMA)
The Power 570 came into the Power Systems lineup as the 9117-MMA from the IBM power6 line of servers.

IBM Power System 570 Models:
9117-MMA19117 Model MMA1Quote Button
9117-MMA29117 Model MMA2Quote Button
9117-MMA39117 Model MMA3Quote Button
9117-MMA49117 Model MMA4Quote Button

IBM Power 575 Supercomputing Node
The Power 575 model is a higly scalable IBM Power Systems offering.

IBM Power System 575 Models:
9125-F2A9125 Model F2AQuote Button

IBM Power 595 (9119-FHA)
An Enterprise server system ideal for large and complex workloads, the 9119-FHA Power 595 is a workhorse.

IBM Power System 595 Models:
9119-FHA19119 Model FHA1Quote Button
9119-FHA29119 Model FHA2Quote Button

IBM Power systems are servers based on IBM’s power architecture.  Power is an IBM trademark for their high-performance microprocessors and various instruction sets built on RISC.


IBM’s Power System line was introduced in 2008. Before this Power System line, IBM had 2 lines of power architecture based systems.

–  AS/400 running processors based on POWER PC-AS, which developed into IBM iSeries and System i.

–  RS/6000 running on POWER and POWER PC based servers, which developed into IBM pSeries and System P, with the current line being IBM Power7.

In 2001, the POWER4 processor was introduced by IBM, then POWER5 processors were introduced in 2004. POWER7 systems were announced in 2010 and carry on to this day with an outstanding reputation.

IBM Power Systems Models

IBM provides its users with a whole range of power system models having features like innovation, reliability, scalability, and serviceability; ensuring that they will be readily available for the most important business applications and handle other business demands.


–  Faster and efficient processing of large amounts of data.

–  POWER Systems can support cloud server technology infrastructure.

–  Designed for the exhaustive demands of database and workloads.

–  Enables faster business perceptions to be realized through processing both structured as well as unstructured data in real-time.

–  In modern era as systems are highly networked thus posing security threats. Power systems help organizations to improve their security by providing PowerSC software for enhancing system security.

–  These servers are designed so that they can be readily available and provide intensive computing power, scalability, flexibility and choice for organizations of different sizes to turn huge amount of structured and unstructured raw data into business insights.

Power systems are used for fast processing and computation of bulky data in huge amount like videos, images and many more unstructured data. These power systems can support continuous computation, execute numerous queries at the same time, real-time processing and much more. Besides IBM power systems, IBM also provides broad range of softwares as well including IBM PowerVM virtualization software, PowerSC software for security enhancement, Active Energy Manager for energy management, PowerHA for higher availability and thousands of popular industry applications. This approach of IBM of producing systems together with the softwares enables resiliency, higher utilization, helps exploit the best out of these power systems.

IBM is the most popular server solution in the range of the Power Systems because they provide customers with incredible power at an affordable price.

IBM pSeries Servers
We buy and sell new and used IBM p Series Servers from current Power 6 and P5 models to legacy RS/6000 Servers.

IBM iSeries Servers
Vibrant offers quality tested IBM System I and used IBM iSeries Servers. We only offer IBM Original Systems and upgrades.

IBM Blade Servers
Cost-effective hot-swap solutions when combined with the high-performance modular IBM BladeCenters for Power Systems. Vibrant carries new and used IBM BladeCenter Hardware at 30-80% discounts on current and EOL Models, upgrades and modules.

Whether you’re looking to buy a complete IBM Power System model or just parts like, memory, disk, CPUs or tape drives, Vibrant can assist you. We will also buy back your excess or trade-in systems and features.
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