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IBM 3576-E9U TS3310 Tape Drive Library Expansion System Storage

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IBM 3576-E9U TS3310 Tape Library Expansion Module Model Abstract 3576-E9U The IBM 3576 System Storage TS3310 Tape Module Model E9U is an optional 9U expansion module. Each E9U expansion module can accommodate up to four LTO Ultrium Tape Drives and up to 80 tape cartridge slots, and a configurable I/O station of 0-12 slots (dependent on the I/O configuration of the L5B). Up to four of these TS3310 E9U Tape Library can be added to a TS3310 Model L5B Tape Library forming an integrated tape library (5U base library and up to four 9U expansion modules). The license key included with the model L5B activates one half of the total available storage of the E9U. Enablement of the remaining storage slots for each E9U expansion module requires purchase of the capacity expansion feature (#1640).

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