Last-Minute Daylight Savings Time Change Fixes – Enterprise Guide

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At lunch yesterday, I was amazed to find out that the two co-workers joining me hadn’t yet realized that daylight savings time goes into effect this coming weekend. Of course, they aren’t responsible for any of our company’s or clients’ IT hardware or computer systems. Otherwise they most certainly would have been aware that Daylight Savings Time is starting a month earlier this year due to new US regulations.

Just in case any IT admins out there have gotten (way) behind on their DST07 updates, here is a summary of where you can find help for various manufacturers:

Daylight Savings Time Change (2007) Resources:

IBM Servers and Storage

- A Grid of IBM’s DST updates

Sun Microsystems

- Sun’s BigAdmin guide to DST07

HP Servers

- HP Support Document
Microsoft Servers

- Overview of Updates for Microsoft Windows OS for servers and workstations
Novell SUSE Linux Servers
- Explains how linux handles DST

Red Hat Linux Servers

- Red Hat Knowledgebase Features DST inf

- PDF Alert on DST for Hitachi Products

- Summary of the various Cisco platforms effected by DST

- Oracle’s DST FAQ
- Available in Oracle's Metalink (for authorized users)

- not exactly enterprise, but included because of the sheer numbers of enterprise admins who use them

Note… Some manufacturers such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems are only offering patches on the latest OS offerings. Older versions can be updated, but the cost is pretty daunting. Thus, perhaps this event will trigger all those admins who just can’t get enough of Solaris 5, to finally give 10 a shot.

God speed.

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