Alive and Kicking at Vibrant

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Things have been quiet at The Remarketer the past week, but we’ve been quite busy behind the scenes. Blog posts are on the way here soon, but I just wanted to list some of the opportunities that we’ve been lucky enough to have get in the way.


As a growing firm, we’re almost always hiring, but lately we’ve encountered some terrific candidates and have been appropriately engaged. At Vibrant, growth is a priority, but only if it’s smart growth with the right people. We met a lot of those right people in recent hires including Bruce, Dede, Nicole, Mike, Patrick and Kolby (and hopefully a few more that we’re still in negotiations with). On a shout-out Friday, I just wanted to send a warm welcome to our newest team members.

Preparing for Interop Las Vegas
Vibrant is exhibiting at the spring Interop conference in late May, the networking world’s premiere industry convention for users, resellers, manufacturers and geeks like us. We’re preparing to make the most of the event and will have more updates on our participation there as we get closer to the show dates.

Blogging at Network World

Speaking of networking, I’ve taken a great opportunity to blog over at Network World’s Cisco Subnet Community. Network World is my favorite Cisco/networking-related magazine and now they’ve built a terrific community portal, too. Here are some recent posts that I’ve contributed:

Podcasting at Refurb Radio

We’ve started an “industry” podcast over at Refurb Radio and it’s off to a solid start. If you’re not a used IT reseller, this podcast would be pretty boring, but for those of us in the industry, it’s a nice way to discuss insider topics. Marty Brown co-hosts with me and Lindsi Gish produces.

Biz as Usual, too
Of course, we’re also doing plenty of what we do best… selling used servers, storage and networking hardware to clients worldwide.

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