Hockey Pucks and Global IT Hardware Sales

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After a sabbatical that has lasted far too long, we’re back! Last month my wife and I welcomed our first baby into the world, so I took some time off from contributing to the blog.

Anyhow, I bet you’re wondering what Hockey Pucks and Global IT Business have to do with one another…

Well, we chose to give Hockey Pucks as our Holiday gift to our handful of international clients for 2006. Vibrant has clients in various foreign countries from Canada and Turkey to Australia and Hong Kong.

Minnesota is known as the “State of Hockey,” and we thought it would be a fun representation of our headquarters here where the lakes are covered with ice and the ice is covered with skate marks.

By all accounts, our clients are having fun with them, even if they’re not sure what they’re for. Once client sent us a thank you and said it will make a great paperweight. Another observed that they had no idea the pucks were so heavy and that it all became clear why hockey players wear facemasks.

The gift started some great conversations and I hope our clients can see beyond the tough rubber of the pucks just how much we appreciate their business.

post update (per reader request):
Here is the text of the note that we included with each puck:

Ice hockey is one of four major sports in the US and plays an important cultural role in the state of Minnesota spawning traditions for men and women of all ages. The Minnesota Gophers are one of the top-ranked collegiate hockey teams in the country, and this hockey puck is a symbol of this part of our Minnesota culture. Known as the “State of Hockey” by the National Hockey League (NHL) and fans across the country, Minnesota also boasts the Hockey Hall of Fame in the small town of Eveleth. All of us at Vibrant Technologies wish you a very merry holiday season, and hope this little piece of Minnesota finds you in good spirits.

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