Interop Twitter Hunt 2007

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What is a Twitter hunt?

It’s a simple treasure hunt, except the clues are given out via Twitter. In our case, we’ll be giving out $200 in chips to the person who can find Vibrant’s own Lindsi Gish somewhere within Interop Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Between 2 and 4PM on Wednesday, May 23rd, clues will be given out every 10-15 minutes via Vibrant’s Twitter profile ( regarding the profile and location of Lindsi. The first one to find her wins.

What is Interop?

Interop is a huge networking (hardware, software, security) conference held this week in Las Vegas with over 18,000 attendees expected. Vibrant will be there meeting current and prospective clients who are interested in used Cisco, Juniper, Marconi and so on which we offer at up to 90% off list. If you’re there, participate in the Twitter Hunt and stop by our booth #1878.

Do I have to “friend” Vibrant to play?

The updates or “tweets” will display on our profile if you refresh it so you shouldn’t need to “friend” Vibrant or even be a member of Twitter to play. You may want to do so though because then you could get the updates sent directly to your cell phone or IM instead of constantly refreshing our profile.

What inspired you to do this?

A local Twitter user, Aric McKeown, has been holding his own social Twitter hunts monthly in the Twin Cities which he brilliantly calls the “Least Dangerous Game.” (Yes, inspired by the 1924 short story, The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell.)

Should you participate?

If you’re at Interop and would like to have some fun and maybe win something to gamble with… Why not?

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