IT Sharknado Relief! Emergency Parts In Stock

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Was your server room or data center swamped by last night’s Sharknado? We’ve got open phone lines and a warehouse full of servers, networking hardware and data storage equipment ready to get your business back up and running. As a network admin or sys admin, you can’t wait for the LAPD or a guy with a chainsaw – your users demand access to their inboxes and systems now.

If you think we’ve completely lost it and/or haven’t heard of the Sharknado, it was a campy film aired last night on SyFy starring 90s TV stars, and as you might guess – melding peoples fears of super storms and sharks. The Twitters went crazy over it.

Here on the blog, we’re obviously having a little bit of fun with the film, but actually illustrating a true facet of our business and a common reason clients first discover Vibrant: emergency systems and parts.

Need it yesterday?
You’ve probably been there – an urgent need comes up, or a part goes down and the manufacturer is back-ordered several days, weeks or even months. Vibrant sits on an inventory of over 100,000 SKUs in stock here in our 50,000 sq ft facility, ready to ship. Our engineers work faster than a shark falling from the sky (sorry) at building custom systems and pulling and testing parts. Vibrant’s logistics team is world class at finding hot shot options to get product to you safely and on time, sometimes even same day.

What I’m saying is simply that we can deliver when others can’t – because we’ve got the stock and the expertise, plus you’ll also save a great amount over new. While this post is a bit of a sendup of an opportunistic carpetbagger approach, albeit for a fictional campy movie / weather event, we don’t take advantage of IT users in a pinch. You’ll always find great savings and quick turnaround on both the quotation and the delivery. We’ll also take back damaged IT equipment from users and insurance companies to salvage what we can and appropriately recycle the rest for you. Just contact us if you have any questions.

Scenarios where users take advantage of our emergency parts and systems:
1) IT Project was on hold for months, but now has to happen this week. You need the systems asap.
2) A drive went down and your existing warranty coverage falls down due to lack of supply.
3) Self maintenance scenarios where a part has failed and you need a replacement.
4) Actual emergencies – we don’t solicit this, but we do get calls from and help people out in need when natural disasters strike. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, etc… no snakenamis yet though. ;)

So how are you weathering the Sharknado?

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