Shipping IT Hardware With Care, Interview with Chris Kosvic

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Shipping high-end servers and storage equipment across the country or to the other side of the globe can potentially be a scary proposition if you don’t have a freight forwarder you can trust. At Vibrant, we do all we can to ensure a quality product arrives at our customer’s dock – so choosing reliable freight vendors cannot be overlooked.

Axis Global Logistics is one of these top-notch partners for us and our rep, Chris Kosvic, was kind enough to answer some questions we had on how they ensure safe passage of our valuable products – and what we can do to help them succeed.

Q: Hi Chris. Could you briefly introduce us to Axis?

Chris Kosvic: Thank you for this opportunity, Corey. Axis is a freight forwarder that can pick up from and deliver to anywhere in the world in adherence to our clients' specific time frame, no matter how tight. We are unique in that we're physically staffed 24/7/365 to follow our clients' shipments through the night and to respond to emergencies without fail. Adcom offers complete turnkey logistics solutions - shipping, packaging, crating, warehousing, fulfillment, cargo insurance as well as web-based booking, tracking and reporting.

Q: When shipping delicate, high-end IT hardware, what precautions are taken by freight forwarders?

Chris Kosvic: Freight forwarders are different from the standard, more familiar shipping companies because we treat each shipment as its own individual project. Your freight is not forced into mammoth systems where creativity and care are difficult to provide. From arranging packaging to providing advice on safe shipment practices, forwarders like Adcom excel at customizing our services to fit the needs of high-end IT shippers.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to shipping departments in regards to preparing IT equipment for transport?

Chris Kosvic: A couple of things come to mind. The first is to always consider an exclusive use vehicle, where your shipment is the only freight on the truck. In shipping jargon, this is known as a "hotshot" and is the safest, most effective method of transporting high-end equipment. If your budget does not allow for a hotshot, make absolutely sure your goods are professionally packaged and crated.

While we at Adcom Worldwide do our best to pamper your shipments, the transportation environment can be one of controlled chaos - one with forklifts whirring, trucks unloading and drivers hurrying. Things can happen, and until someone invents those Star Trek transponders that zap your goods from one place to another, they always will. Thoughtful planning will always mitigate (and hopefully) eliminate any damage your shipment could otherwise incur.

Q: When handling overseas freight, what extra precautions might be considered?

Chris Kosvic: The most important component of shipping internationally is to ensure that your documentation is meticulously completed. Make sure your packing list is precise and includes the specific country of origin for each product. This, along with accurately labeling the individual items within your shipment, will dramatically decrease the likelihood of your freight getting hung up in customs.

Another issue that has reared its head in recent years is the heat treatment and fumigation of your wood packaging. Stringent rules have been put in place to prevent the spread of pests that lurk within boxes, pallets, crates, etc. If you ship internationally, import or export, it is critical that you utilize heat-treated materials; otherwise, your shipments will be delayed so the packaging can be fumigated. If you're interested in learning more about this program, visit:

Thanks to Axis Global Logistics for taking time to answer our questions and for their ongoing service. Vibrant recommends Axis as a freight forwarder for any high-end IT Hardware freight shipments as they offer a great blend of competitive pricing and secure regional, national and international shipping options.

Chris Kosvic can be contacted directly by email or by phone at 952-884-0070.

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