Slashdot Anniversary Party Recap

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Two weeks ago, two of our best techs, Erick and Kris, informed me that Slashdot’s 10th Anniversary was upon us and that we had to host a regional anniversary party for them. Of course I agreed, because all of the following are awesome: Erick and Kris, Slashdot, Slashdotters and Parties.

I reeled in approval from the top to throw some money at this and put the techs in charge of planning and organizing. Last night we had the party here and I think the results were pretty great.

(Lindsi rolled all the photos and videos into a great montage.)

So, what does a Slashdot crowd consider fun and entertaining?

1) Smashing old EMC, Sun, HP, IBM, Cisco and Brocade gear with a sledgehammer, while offering up witty commentary.

2) Playing Guitar Hero and old video games on large projector screens.

3) Mingling with like-minded techie-types and gamers that are proud to be geeks.

4) LOLcats (which were on the drink tickets, walls, cake and who knows what else).

5) Geek Facepainting (OK, the idea of that was funnier than in reality. Only two people got logos painted on their face, Slashdot and Apple, but we were ready to also do Firefox, Tux and Redhat logos).

6) Hot Taco bars, beers and mixed drinks (who doesn’t?)

7) Singing Happy Birthday to a website (my wife really laughed at me for that one).

Thanks to all who came, we had a blast and loved meeting everybody.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Slashdot!

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