Sun Valley Technical Repair Auctioned Away

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It was reported last June (2006) that reseller Sun Valley Technical Repair (SVTR) had been raided by several local, state and federal agencies. Other than charges of employing illegal workers, the involvement of the additional agencies is still not public. What did go public last month, though, were the physical assets of SVTR, via auctioneer Cowan Alexander:

Auction Details
Vacant Office Photos

UPDATE (12/15/09):Sun Claims Win / Judgement over defunct SVTR

Sun Valley was one of the largest used Sun resellers in the US and had been in business for 20 years. Whatever the outcome, there were likely many innocent people caught up in the whirlwind and effected by any potentially bad players there. While it’s strange to view the photos of Sun Valley’s vacant offices, it must be bizarre for the former employees. Post-Its, purchase orders and files are all still just lying on desks as if the workers are merely on break and will be returning to work momentarily.

We’ve had a number of inquiries from former clients and partners of Sun Valley with questions as to why they (Sun Valley) haven’t been answering calls or e-mails. The best we could offer were links to articles in the press, such as the following:

Feds search Morgan Hill tech firm again

SVTR Workers Caught in Crossfire

UPDATE (12/15/09):Sun Claims Win / Judgement over defunct SVTR

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