SysAdmin of the Year – I’m Buying you a Pizza!

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To the winners of the 2006 SysAdmin of the Year award, Congratulations!

In the immortal words of Strongbad:

“Now that's what I'm talking about, that was amazing! I mean.. you… I mean … I'm buying you a pizza!”

- As told to The Cheat after he created the Everybody to the Limit / Fhqwhgads video.

So if any of the winners, runners-up and honorable mention sysadmins are interested, contact us with your favorite local pizza joint and address and we’ll send you a gift certificate. Hopefully your employers reward you with some real bonuses though (see cash/money).


Grand Prize: Michael Beck, Emerging Technologies Group

First Place: Sean Thomas, True Prism Technologies

Runners-up: Darren Barry, Micah Anderson, Dawn Lovell

Honorable Mention: Mike Jennings, Nik Keating, Russ Steffen, Denis Roy, Justin Hartwell

Contest Rules:


  • I’m really surprised Sean Thomas didn’t win. I mean, he risked his life to save a RAID array from a burning datacenter and then worked around the clock to get his company back up and running. Plus, he looks like he rocks out, especially in his bits and bytes t-shirt.
  • All entrants in the original contest had to agree to allowing follow-up sales calls by Splunk representatives (the contest’s sponsor). This is like signing up for a magazine, because you know you’re gonna get barraged with marketing calls for years to come. I can assure all of the winners that the pizza won’t come with a side of cold-call coleslaw. (That doesn’t make any sense, but neither cold-calls nor coleslaw go well with ‘za.)
  • I never like contests that have a “grand prize” and a “first place” winner. In my mind, the first place winner should get the grand prize. Thats how it was done on Bozo’s Grand Prize Game after all.

“I’m sad that I didn’t get the grand prize…”

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