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There are endless numbers of tech bloggers online, but finding those that cover enterprise IT is a bit more challenging. For the past several months, I’ve been compiling a list of the best that I could find.

Quick observations: Sun is the runaway blogging leader. HP has a ways to go, as does Cisco, but they’re finally getting there. Storage Execs are your buddies in the blogosphere, as they go by their first names (i.e. Chuck’s Blog, Dave’s Blog, Hu’s Blog, etc…)

General IT Bloggers
- Some great writers and thinkers covering Enterprise IT of all flavors:

  • Managing L’Unix – Paul Murphy (ZDNet)
    - If a high-level view on enterprise IT is your bag, then this blog’s for you. Paul has been an IT consultant, programmer and is highly experienced in systems management and operation.
  • Life After Coffee – Jon Emmons
    - Server Admin and Author of Easy Linux Commands, who writes incredibly practical posts on AIX, Solaris, UNIX and Linux.
  • ComputerWorld Hardware Blog – Various
    - Aggregated list of ComputerWorld’s numerous blog posts tagged “hardware.”
  • RootPrompt – Various
    - Another aggregated portal, this time consisting of Unix bloggers.
  • Makezine Blog (DIY Tech)
    - Although they MAKE all kinds of techie goodness, it’s posts like “How to make a terabyte file server for $500? and “Router design project” that qualify them for this list.

Sun Bloggers
- Blogs from Sun employees and users:

  • Jonathan Schwartz’s Weblog – Jonathan Schwartz
    - The General of the Sun Army, Jonathan Schwartz is the CEO of Sun Microsystems and the envy of every figurehead that wishes they had his ability to write killer blog posts.
  • – Various
    - Sun compiles and updates their top blog posts here. Sun has a massive army of bloggers.
  • – Bill Bradford
    - Mr. Bill has been providing resources to the Sun community for over a decade. A great place to stay up to date on developments in the Sun world.
  • The Blog of Ben Rockwood (at Cuddletech)
    - A Sun evangelist and Sun community champion, Ben is the CEO and founder of Cuddletech as well as the Senior Unix admin for
  • John J. McLaughlin (at Blogspot)
    - John earns this spot mostly on the merits of his terrific weekly System News email newsletter. John has been a Unix user, developer, admin and evangelist for 26 years.

IBM Enterprise Blogs
- Bloggers covering IBM, AIX, OS400, etc…

  • IBMer’s Blogs (various)
    - Summary of IBM bloggers, including an editor’s choice section showing the best recent posts.
  • AIXpert Blog (various)
    - An IBM highlight. A group blog by Ron Barker, Shawn Bodily, Bruce Spencer and John Tesch.
  • I on I5 (Lisa Jobson)
    - Lisa is an i5 specialist and currently the Canadian regional dedicated specialist for iSeries integration with xSeries.

HP Enterprise Blogs
- Covering HP-UX, HP Integrity and Enterprise HP:

  • The BladeWonk (Gary Thome)
    - Great name and this HP blog is off to a good start. No posts since February, but hopefully we’ll hear more on server blades soon.
  • The Storage Technology Watch (Ash Ashutosh)
    - HP’s VP and CTO has begun blogging on enterprise storage technologies.
  • Encompass Blogs (various)
    - Entries from those blogging at Encompass, the HP Enterprise Technology user group.

Cisco and Network Hardware Blogs
- Blogs covering the networking hardware world and Cisco:

  • Network World’s Cisco Subnet (various)
    - NWW’s excellent writers and Cisco user blogs. The top portal for independent voices of Cisco customers, evangelists and detractors.
  • Cisco’s DataCenter Networks Blog (various)
    - Cisco’s best corporate blog (from their portal).
  • TechIQ (VAR Guy)
    - The mysterious and illusive VAR Guy covers many IT channel topics, but his Cisco coverage is surely top-notch.
  • Cisco Blog (Jeremy Cioara)
    - “The world of all things Cisco” is their tagline. Jeremy is a Cisco instructor.

Enterprise Storage Blogs
- Blogs covering mass storage, SAN, NAS, Backup and Recovery, etc…

  • Drunken Data (John Toigo)
    - Great name and a great blog about storage & data management.
  • Storing up Trouble (Chris Mellor)
    - General Storage posts from the UK at
  • Stor Wars (Tony Asaro)
    - Excellent material from Tony, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group.
  • Steve’s IT Rants (Steve Duplessie)
    - Strong storage opinions (and great reads) from the founder of ESG.
  • StorageMojo (Robin Harris)
    - Robin is a senior analyst at the Data Mobility Group and always interesting on storage topics at the Storage Mojo blog.
  • ZeroWait’s Blog (Mike)
    - Independent NetApp reseller on various storage topics.
  • Dave’s Blog (Dave Hitz)
    - NetApp Blog from co-founder and Executive VP, Dave Hitz. Dave does a great job writing interesting posts the likes of this recent entry: “Does Helping Customers Use Less Disk hurt NetApp’s Business?”
  • Mark’s Blog (Mark Lewis)
    - EMC corporate blog from Executive VP and Chief Development Officer Mark Lewis.
  • Chuck’s Blog (Chuck Hollis)
    - EMC Insider and VP of Technology Alliances, Chuck Hollis’s Blog.
  • Hu’s Blog (Hu Yoshida)
    - Hitachi VP and CTO, Hu Yoshida provides storage technology insights.

Used Enterprise IT Hardware Blogs
Blogs covering the secondary enterprise IT industry:

  • The Remarketer
    - Teacher says you have to love yourself before you can love another. ;) Beyond that, we’re one of only a handful of authentic voices in this space.
  • Brad Reese’s Blog
    - The “People magazine” of the networking world, Brad frequently discusses the used networking marketplace.
  • Corey Donovan’s Blog
    - My blog at Network World’s Cisco Subnet on used and refurbished Cisco topics.
  • Refurb Radio
    - An industry insider podcast on the refurb IT market, with the occasional blog post, too. I host the podcast with Vibrant‘s own Marty Brown.

- I don’t intend this as a static list, so please suggest any other blogs you would like to see here.

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