Interview with Venderis Founder, Robert Davie

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Robert Davie, Founder of Venderis was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions regarding his revolutionary new End of Life IT Asset Recovery software solution, Venderis Software Solution Suite.

“Armored trucks, employee background checks, the issues that relate to sending systems off-site are all eliminated by our solution.”


In a nutshell, what does Venderis do?

“I need more than a nutshell to describe Venderis… but here goes. Venderis has sort of a dual role. It reduces the risk of data stored on PCs from escaping to the public domain, while at the same time it increases the resale value of PC assets.

Venderis accomplishes this dual role in several ways:
1. By erasing hard drives
2. By restoring the original Operating System
3. By running diagnostics important to the resale community
4. By discovering and auditing the level of hardware details necessary for resale

And probably most importantly, Venderis performs its functions across a WAN, LAN or enterprise network thereby making these end-of-life processes automated, fast and easy.”

How did you come up with the idea for Venderis?

“There is an interesting story behind this. Three of us went away to the North Carolina coast to brainstorm and discuss a several ideas for processes that occur at the end of the life of PCs. Utilizing my experience in the used computer industry, taking advantage of an employee’s strengths, and adding the objective viewpoints of a Harvard MBA, we set off to the beach for a brainstorm session.

After using an entire roll of whiteboard paper, a complete set of magic markers, and exhausting our brains, we came up with five problem areas that needed desperate attention, and that could be automated through software application.”

What is your background in the IT industry?

“I have been in the IT asset remarketing industry since I graduated from college, with the exception of a short stint of three years at IBM, almost 20 years altogether. As the founder of, I was responsible for creating a large marketplace for buyers and sellers of used computer and networking systems.

Over 1500 computer resellers participate in the marketplace and my interaction with them generated unique insights into the inner-workings of the industry that allowed me to launch Venderis.”

Who can benefit from using the Venderis Asset Recovery Software Solution?

“Fortune 5000 companies, large organizations, IT Asset Remarketers, Recovery Specialists. Anyone who is concerned about cutting costs at the end of life of an IT asset. Anyone who is concerned about chain of custody of sensitive data contained within hard drives. Anyone who needs to maximize the resale value of PC assets.”

What is your current go-to-market plan?

“We intend to leverage our network of over 1500 IT resellers developed over a 10-year period at These relationships represent the leading resellers in the United States and around the world. Venderis will support an initial group of 12 leading resellers, then a larger group of resellers, through an extensive and comprehensive marketing and support system that includes marketing materials, co-selling, Live Support, On-site Training, On-site Support and Webinars.”

Security is a hot-button issue in the asset recovery world, does Venderis help address these concerns?

“Security is an extremely important issue. It was one of the driving factors in the development of Venderis.

Venderis can guarantee that sensitive data stays within an organization by providing the ability to wipe 10 or 10,000 systems on-site and simultaneously. The chain of custody stays with the end user of Venderis, no third-party erasure is required and therefore absolute safety of sensitive data is guaranteed! Armored trucks, employee background checks, the issues that relate to sending systems off-site are all eliminated by our solution.

Finally, there is no limit to the number of Department of Defense-standard erasures Venderis can perform.”


Vibrant is proud to be a tier1 reseller of Venderis. We’ll be working the Venderis booth along with Robert at the upcoming E-Scrap IT Asset Recovery Conference where they are a sponsor. If you’re in the Asset Recovery business, please stop by our booth and introduce yourself, meet Robert and learn more about how Venderis can benefit you and your clients.

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