Vibrant’s Guitar Hero Happy Hour

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To celebrate the end of the shortest (yet longest) month of the year, to do some fun team-building and just to have fun, Vibrant hosted its first Video Game Happy Hour.

We had video games (Boxing & Tennis on the Wii, Guitar Hero projected on a 15' wall, DDR, Parapa, NES, etc…) set up throughout the office. Face-melting guitar heroes and old-school Super Mario gamers alike found a game to their liking and all had a blast. Our Mac-whiz Lindsi Gish put together the above comic book photo-log of the evening.

Our staff works their collective tail off striving to provide the best service and responsiveness in the industry, so our management does its best to have frequent fun events for our employees. Since the majority of our staff is under the age of 40, an in-house video game happy hour seemed like a perfect fit. Here was the invite that went out to staff (another Lindsi creation):

Despite a huge snowstorm beginning its assault, the event went off like a charm. It was a potluck of sorts as everybody collaborated to bring in their video game systems. Vibrant provided the projectors (and the server racks used as backdrops) as well as pizza and employees could bring the beverage of their choice.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press sent a photographer out and published a fun shot of our CEO Jennifer VanDerHorst and AR/AP rep Jen Sikes rocking out on Guitar Hero in the Sunday business section. With all of the positive buzz from the event, I’m already campaigning for another one (and practicing my virtual guitar “hammer-ons” and “pull-offs” with my 9 year old at home).

Rock, Rock on.

Sara Goo, a fellow University of Minnesota Grad, recently blogged about her Guitar Hero showdown with co-workers at the Washington Post. Guitar Hero is officially the office game du jour.

We're planning our 2nd Guitar Hero Happy Hour soon!

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