Minnesota Data Erasure Services

Data Erasure and Hard Drive Destruction Services


Vibrant Technologies is a leading US-based hard drive erasure solutions provider offering high-level military-grade erasure of data on disk and tape storage as well as physical destruction.

If you're looking for a quote on erasure of your disk drives, please contact us today at 952-653-1731 or sales@vibrant.com 

Assurance for Hardware Sales:

Are you looking to sell Servers, Disk Arrays or SANs but need assurance that the data on this equipment is 100% inaccessible downstream?   Vibrant helps you maximize the return on your retired assets by providing bullet-proof erasure services as a part of your hardware buy.  

Let us erase or destroy your hard drives as part of the hardware acquisition and recycling process.

Handling of Sensitive Data:

Choosing a secure data erasure provider starts with the physical environment and operation.  Vibrant Technologies erases your drives in a secure, locked room with 24x7 surveillance located within our secure facility. Equipment is brought to our erasure lab immediately upon receipt and broken down inside of this room where the disk will stay until the erasures are complete and verified.

DoD Level Erasure, Certified Erasures per Serial Number:

Vibrant can offer a wide array of erasure options including 3-Pass and 7-Pass DOD level wipes as well as other services based on NIST or INFOSEC standards as required.

For an additional cost, we can also provide serial number level erasure certificates per drive on various drive types including SAS, SATA, SCSI and SSD drives.

We use a variety of tools such as Blancco, The Validator and system-level erasure commands from EMC, NetApp and IBM among others.  Erasures are not only performed to spec, but also validated as successful.

Worldwide, National and Minnesota-Based Services

Vibrant's primary erasure lab is located in Minnetonka, MN, but we perform erasure and data destruction services for companies across the United States and even globally.  Companies typically ship their systems to us for erasure, as we have an elite level logistics team, but for large projects we can also travel to you.

Request an Erasure Quote:

If you're looking for a quote on erasure of your disk drives, please contact us today at 952-653-1731 or sales@vibrant.com