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Equallogic LB806M-EQL
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Item #: LB806M-EQL -

Equallogic PS6100 800GB SAS 6Gbps 2.5" SSD

Equallogic PS-M4110
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Item #: PS-M4110 -

Equallogic Blade Array 5x 800GB SSD 9x 1.2TB HDD 2x Controllers

Equallogic PS-M4110XS
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Item #: PS-M4110XS -

Equallogic Blade Array 5x 800GB SSD 9x 1.2TB HDD 2x Controllers

Dell PS4100XV
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Item #: PS4100XV -

Storage Array with 12x600gb sas 15k Drives

Equallogic PS6100XV
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Item #: PS6100XV -

Equallogic 24x600GB 15k SAS 6GBPS 2x Power Supplies

Equallogic PS6210X-24X600GB
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Item #: PS6210X-24X600GB -

Equallogic PS6210X Array 24x 600Gb 10K RPM 12Gbps SAS

Equallogic PSM4110X
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Item #: PSM4110X -

Equallogic Blade Array 5x 800GB SSD 9x 1.2TB HDD 2x Controllers

Equallogic ST32000644NS-EQL
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Item #: ST32000644NS-EQL -

EqualLogic 2TB 7.2K SATA Hard Disk Drive

Equallogic ST3250310NS-EQL
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Item #: ST3250310NS-EQL -

Equallogic 250GB SATA 3Gbps 3.5" PS6000 Hard Drive

Equallogic ST33000652SS-N
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Item #: ST33000652SS-N -

New Equallogic 3Tb 7.2K SAS 6Gbps 3.5" SED Hard Drive PS6500

Equallogic ST3450856SS-EQL
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Item #: ST3450856SS-EQL -

Equallogic PS5000 PS6000 450Gb SAS 15k 3Gbps

Equallogic ST3450856SS-EQ
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Item #: ST3450856SS-EQ -

EqualLogic 450GB 15K RPM SAS Hard Disk Drive

EqualLogic is engineered on an advanced, peer storage architecture to ease the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments. EqualLogic products are storage area network (SAN) systems that are marketed by Dell. These systems use iSCSI through either Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. All EqualLogic PS Series arrays are fully interchangeable. These arrays can be mixed and matched to create tiered storage within a single storage pool or across multiple pools.

The current primary models for EqualLogic are the PS4200, PS6200 and PS6500. These models come with 1 GB Ethernet and 10 GB Ethernet options. Some previous generation systems such as the PS4100 and PS6100 series continue to be sold alongside the current systems. Within each "series" of models (i.e. 4200, 6200 and 6500), you can find several sub models that have specific disk configurations.

Vibrant Technologies is a reseller of used and refurbished Dell EqualLogic Storage systems.If you are interested in buying or selling used or refurbished Dell EqualLogic, Contact Us for more information or Request a Quote.