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Storagetek LTO3-001
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Item #: LTO3-001 -

Stk 400/800GB Lto-3 FC Tape Drive

Storagetek 312318307
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Item #: 312318307 -

Storagetek VSM4 ACMI2 Board

Storagetek 311828304
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Item #: 311828304 -

VSM4 ICE3 Card, 4 Port Escon

Storagetek 311828305
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Item #: 311828305 -

ICE3 PWA VSM4 for Storagetek

Storagetek 311879507
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Item #: 311879507 -

StorageTek VSM4 IFF PWA Board

Storagetek 419737401
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Item #: 419737401 -

L180/L700 Hand Assembly, RoHS

Storagetek 3118649-02
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Item #: 3118649-02 -

3ft Escon Cable for VSM, STK

SUN 419889601
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Item #: 419889601 -

LTO4 4Gb FC Tape Drive (HP) SL500

Storagetek T9940b
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Item #: T9940b -

9940b tape drive assm --FIBRE

STK 313613204
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Item #: 313613204 -


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Item #: TX40 -

StorageTek TX40 Tray for LTO Tape

Storagetek 303663814
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Item #: 303663814 -

Stk Robotic Hand Assembly

STK / Storage Tek Tape Equipment Overview:

Storage Tek or STK is a technology company now managed by Oracle (by way of their Sun Microsystems acquisition), that provides data storage solutions for wide variety of audiences. STK was known as STC (Storage Technology Corporation) until 1983 but then it was renamed as Storage Tek or more commonly, STK. Whatever the name, they are best known for offering reliable tape storage backup solutions.

Storage Tek Tape Libraries and Tape Backup drives

Tape libraries and Tape backup drive systems offered by Storage Tek are considered extremely robust, reliable and high quality data storage solutions ranging from personal systems to large scale organizations and enterprise. In order to migrate between numerous data storage layers and tape backup drives STK provides integrated software/hardware tiered storage structure. Storage Tek started manufacturing its products in 1969 and with experience of 44 years, the company has established its reputation as provider of the most efficient and high performance tape storage and backup drive solution. StorageTek not only provides data storage solution but also provides supporting software products that can be installed to manage and evaluate the performance of your backup drives and tape libraries.

In this overview we are going to discuss some of the latest STK tape drives and their benefits.

STK Tape Libraries and Backup Drives

This series of STK tape drives have two prominent features. First is that they are extremely fast and high performance, secondly their capacity to store data is large as compared to other tape drives manufactured by the company. This combination of fast processing and large capacity allows end user to process large amounts of data in less time that eventually improves the efficiency of the storage system. Following are some of the prominent features of these tape storage devices.

  • Fibre channel data interface allows rapid data storage and retrieval capabilities including reduced server down time and increased server recovery functionalities.
  • Storage Tek Tape drives are extremely compatible and allows two-generation backward data compatibility.
  • Wide variety of data can be stored using these tape storage devices due to open format data storage mechanism of these tape drives.

Advantages of using Backup drives and Tape Libraries.

  • These tape drives have 400 GB cartridges native capacity by default. You can also add external cartridges capacity.
  • These storage devices are extremely fast as aforementioned. Native data transfer rates for these devices are 60MB/Sec which is extremely fast for enterprise level data storage tasks.
  • These tape drives are compatible and provides backward read/write compatibility support with LTO 2 Media.
  • Multiple configuration options, such as SAS and SCSI configurations by Rackmount are supported by these LTO Tape drives.
  • And last but not the least; Storage Tek Tape libraries are compatible with LTO-3 Tape drives.

Storage Tek devices are designed for all sorts of organizations. If you are an individual, you can use, low scale Storage Tek devices which are cost effective as well. On the other hand if you have high processing needs, you can buy mid to large scale Storage Tek tape drives and backup drives that provide high processing speed and storage capacity at a price less than contemporary storage devices.


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