Vibrant buys and sells used Sun Storage and Disk Systems, storage arrays and disk drives.  Vibrant also sells Sun StorEdge and StorageTek Disk Systems.  Even though Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle, we continue to carry legacy Sun Storage Arrays and Disk Systems, fully tested and guaranteed by our Vibrant warranty.

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Item #: T3+ ARRAY -

T3+ StorEdge Array

Sun TAP8MM-021A
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Item #: TAP8MM-021A -

20/40GB 8MM Mammoth Tape Drive 8900

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Item #: VTL3600BASE-Z -

VTL Tape Library Solution

Sun XTA-33XX
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Item #: XTA-33XX -

3300 Storage Array

Founded in 1982, Sun Microsystems, Inc. has significantly evolved several key computing technologies, among them Unix, RISC processors, thin client computing, and virtualized computing.  By 1983, Sun was known for producing 68000-based systems with high-quality graphics.  These systems were the only computers other than DEC’s VAX to run 4.2BSD.  Sun products include computer servers and workstations, storage systems, and a suite of software products.  For the first decade of Sun’s History, the company positioned its products as technical workstations.  Because of their strategic product position, Sun was able to compete successfully as a low-cost vendor during the Workstation Wars of the 1980s.  Sun then shifted its hardware product line to emphasize servers and storage.


On June 2, 2005, Sun announced it would purchase Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek), a deal which was completed in August 2005.  In 2006, Sun introduced the StorageTek 5800 System, the first application-aware programmable storage solution.

In late 2008, Sun announced the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage systems (code named Amber Road).  Transparent placement of data in the systems' solid state drives (SSD) and conventional hard drives was managed by ZFS to take advantage of the speed of SSDs and the economy of conventional hard disks.  Other storage products included Sun Fire X4500 storage server and SAM-QFS file system, as well as storage management software.


The Oracle Corporation specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems as well as enterprise software products and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Oracle was co-founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. Originally, Oracle was named Software Development Laboratories and over the years has had many changes made to that name before it became what it is today.

Oracle became the first company to commercially offer a relational database management system, two years before IBM debuted its own RDBMS system.  After this initial release, Oracle quickly became profitable and by 1982 Oracle was reaching revenues of $2.5 million.

On January 27, 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation. The following month, Sun Microsystems, Inc. was merged with Oracle USA, Inc. to become Oracle America.

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