Intended for messaging/collaboration applications, database and file/print consolidation in datacenters and remote/branch offices, the PowerEdge 2900 server is part of Dell’s ninth generation of PowerEdge servers.

The 2900 provides enterprise-level performance and can adapt as your business needs expand. Available in a tower or rack chassis, the reliable PowerEdge 2900 also has high availability features such as hot plug hard drives and redundant power supplies and fans.

Dell 2900 Server Features:

  • Processors: Max two Dual-Core Xeon 5000 sequence processors; Max two Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 sequence processors
  • Cache: 2x2MB L2 cache per processor (5000 Sequence); 4MB L2 cache per processor (5100 Sequence)
  • Chipset: Intel 5000X
  • Memory: 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB Fully Buffered DIMMs (FBD) in matched pairs; 533MHz or 667MHz; 12 FBD DIMM sockets for support up to 48GB
  • I/O Slots: Six Total
  • Maximum Internal Storage: Up to 3.0TB
  • Form Factor: Tower or 5U rack-mount

Dell PowerEdge 2900 Review: 

Dell is renowned for their build quality, but the Dell PowerEdge 2900 takes it to a whole new level. The chassis is built to resemble a tank, with a lockable front panel to prevent access to the hard drives and bays. 

Located at the front of the Dell 2900 is a distinct LCD panel, which changes color when a fault is realized. Adding to this is the room to accommodate up to eight SATA or SAS hard drives. 

There is also an option to fit a flex-bay beneath the 5.25in bays, and features its very own interface and backplane. The interior of the Dell PowerEdge is divided into two slices, with the motherboard located at the front and the power distribution board sited at the back. 

Power fault tolerance of the Dell PowerEdge 2900 is helped by two large massive 930W hot-swap supplies, and although the cooling components may look cluttered at first glance, but the easily detachable fan cages provide easy access to all the arrangements. 

The Dell PowerEdge 2900 features a passive heatsink, with a dedicated fan for each of the two sockets. The included buffered memory of 8GB can be increased to 48GB. The Dell PowerEdge 2900 is appointed with Gigabit adapters that are combined with TCP offload engines and can be enabled with a hardware key. 

The only pitfall of the Dell PowerEdge 2900 is the availability of just two SATA interfaces, but you can always use a Dell controller card. The smart web interface of the Dell PowerEdge 2900 allows you to control power and components on the server from virtually anywhere even if it is in a non-bootable state.

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