The PowerEdge M710 has been created with energy efficiency in mind. Paired with the PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure, you get impressive performance per watt. The DDR3 memory provides greater bandwidth and reduced power consumption than FBD or DDR2 RAM technologies. Rapid virtualization deployment with embedded hypervisors enhances flexibility and protects your investment.

 Dell M710 Features:
  • Processors: Intel Xeon 5500 series Dual and Quad Core 60W, 80W, and 95W TDP options
  • Chipset: Intel 5520
  • Memory: Up to 144 GB using 18 x 8GB DIMMs
  • Maximum Internal Storage: Up to 1.2TB via 4x300GB SAS drives
  • Chassis: 15.2” H x 2” W x 19.2” D

M710HD Servers: A PowerEdge blade server, the Dell M710HD is designed to run business applications in an efficient manner while cutting time from system maintenance tasks. It has been optimized for virtualization and it is the first of the M-series servers that comes with a flexible network daughtercard. This means it is ready for future integrated connectivity options Dell M710HD Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: quad-core or six-core Intel Xenon processor
  • Memory: Capable of capacity from up to 288 GB of space and RAM of up to 8 GB, DDR memory, two hard drive bays
  • Disk Drives: SAS SAS/STA
  • Interfaces: Ethernet port, USB ports, SCSI port, two I/O card options
  • Other Detail: Made to run with all of the latest versions of Windows Server including Server 2012.

Dell PowerEdge M710 Product Review 

The Dell PowerEdge m710 is an energy efficient, full height module blade server that boasts a fairly large memory capacity. This server is a perfect fit for both small and large businesses as it is optimized for virtualization and database environments. 

The Dell PowerEdge m710 is powers by two Intel six core 5500/5600 Series or eight core processors and delivers up to 144 gigabytes of memory with the help of 1.2 terabytes of internal storage and 18 DDR3 DIMMS. In terms of flexibility, the Dell PowerEdge m710 is compatible with Oracle Solaris, SUSE Linux, Red Hat Linux and of Microsoft Windows. 

The expandable memory in the Dell PowerEdge m710 allows you to activate more user machines from your existing licensing. It achieves robust I/O deployment with the help of multiple fiber channels, Ethernet, iSCSI options. The Dell PowerEdge m710 optimizes airflow with the help of energy efficient fans that effectively cool the rest of the chassis. 

The embedded network controller aboard the Dell PowerEdge m710 makes this system distinct from its competitors, and brings innovative technology to the blade market. The NDC or Network Daughter Card is regarded as the Dell PowerEdge m710’s motherboard or LAN, with the different being that it is on an NDC that is similar in design and functionality to mezzanine cards. 

If you’re looking for a server than can sustain the most intense IT networks, the Dell PowerEdge m710 is an excellent choice. 

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model. For pricing on new or used Dell PowerEdge M710 and M710HD servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.