For the first time server buyer with little to no IT support, the Dell PowerEdge SC440 may be an excellent choice. This 1-socket tower server is intended to perform well in the small business environment. For its affordable price, the SC440 provides excellent performance and is also easy to set up and run.

Many IT Users have even converted these systems into high powered desktop PCs for personal use. We recommend this powerful little server as a perfect solution for single use applications and dedicated performance, especially when you consider the low cost and enduring legacy.  Great value overall for these Dell SC440 Servers compared to other PowerEdge servers on the market at this pricing.

Dell SC440 Features:
  • Processors:Single Dual-Core Intel Xenon 3000 Sequence 3060, 2.40GHz, 1066MHz front side bus, 4MB cache 3050, 2.13GHz, 1066MHz front side bus, 2MB cache 3040, 1.86GHz, 1066MHz front side bus, 2MB cacheSingle Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2160, 1.8GHz, 800MHz front side bus, 1MB cache Single Intel Celeron, 400 Sequence D 430,1.8GHz,800MHz front side bus,512K cache D 440,2.0GHz,800MHz front side bus,512K cache
  • Memory: Four ECC DDR-2 533/667 SDRAM DIMM sockets for up to 4 GB of memory
  • Ports: BCM 5709 GbE Duel Port -TOE IPV6 and BCM 5709 GbE Duel Port -TOE IPV6 iSCSI Boot, with iSCSI Offload
  • Chassis Dimensions: 17.6” H x 6.8” W x 18.4” D

Dell PowerEdge SC440 Review: 

The impact of Intel’s Dual Core Xenon processors is clearly evident in the Dell PowerEdge SC440 line of servers. Even as an entry level server, the PowerEdge SC440 is powered by a 2.4GHz dual-core Xeon 3060 processor, comes with some excellent storage capabilities and an appealing price tag. 

The Dell PowerEdge SC440 is blanketed by a solid steel shell, which is the same as their higher end servers. The front of the SC440 is able to accommodate a pair of 5.25in devices, and included is an IDE DVD-ROM drive. 

All the wires and are neatly tucked away and it’s clear that Dell has put in extra efforts to reduce noise pollution. The processor of the PowerEdge SC440 line is located at the center of the unit and is shielded by a large heatsink, which is paired with a robust 12cm diameter cooling fan. 

Based on Intel’s core technology, the 3000 Series processors feature reduced heat output and power requirement, which allows the fans to run slower resulting in a system that hardly whispers. The motherboard of the PowerEdge SC440 can support both Celeron D and Pentium D processors, up to 8 GB of DDR2 memory and four DIMM sockets. 

Additionally the motherboard also showcases four SATA interfaces, giving you the opportunity to mix and match SATA and SASA disk drives. The Dell PowerEdge SC440 is a perfect server for small businesses or anyone looking for affordable performance and easy deployment. 

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model. For pricing on new or used Dell PowerEdge SC440 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.