The T410 PowerEdge server is a compact and reliable solution appropriate for the expanding business and corporate remote offices. And, with a design inspired by customers, it has quiet acoustics and is simple to use. Dell’s OpenManage tool suite helps you reduce complexities associated with systems management and increase efficient operations.

 Dell T410 Server Features:
  • Processors:Intel Xeon 5500 series available processors Intel Xeon X5560, 2.80GHz/8M,4C 95W Intel Xeon E5540, 2.53GHz/8M,4C 80W Intel Xeon E5530, 2.40GHz/8M,4C 80W Intel Xeon E5520, 2.26GHz/8M,4C 80W Intel Xeon E5506, 2.13GHz/4M,4C 80W Intel Xeon E5504, 2.00GHz/4M,4C 80W Intel Xeon E5502, 1.86GHz/4M,2C 80W
  • Chipset: Intel 5500
  • Memory: Up to 64GBs (8 DIMM slots)
  • Embedded Network Controller: 1 Dual port Broadcom BCM 5716
  • Max Internal Storage: 6 TBs SATA; 6TBs SAS
  • Slots: 5 PCI
  • Chassis: 17.52” x 8.58” x 24.28”

Dell PowerEdge T410 Product Review 

Designed for both small and large enterprises, the Dell PowerEdge t410 measures in at 62cms deep, making it compact and small enough into squeeze in restricted spaces. Although the Dell PowerEdge t410 sports a compact form factor, storage options haven’t been compromised and the power to accommodate up to six cold swap 3.5 inch SATA and SAS hard drives. 

There’s also the option of smaller 2.5 inch SATA and SFF SAS drives, with the drive bay moved to the front. The Dell PowerEdge t410 sports a nice and elegant build, with a lockable front grille to prevent access to the front drive bay and the hot swap bays. 

The entry level Dell PowerEdge t410 arrives with a LED status panel, with an optional backlit version also available. This panel features a keypad that controls the remote management network address and provides readings of real time power consumption and temperatures. 

The side panels of the Dell PowerEdge t410 reveals a tidy interior that houses the six drive bays that are set towards the front of the chassis. RAID n the PowerEdge t410 is made possible with the SAS 6/iR card, which supports mirrors, stripes and is embedded with four port connectors. 

The four drives in the PowerEdge t410 are generally connected to one single port, and the second drive is already layered with SATA power cables. Moving towards the lower part of the motherboard is a black plastic shroud, which improves overall airflow especially for the processors and memory. 

The Xeon processors are fitted with large passive heatsinks and are located behind the shroud. 

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for this model. For pricing on new or used Dell PowerEdge T410 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.