The dual-socket, high-performance HP Proliant DL160 is a smart choice for HPC environments, web serving and other hyperscale environments. The DL160 G8 now features the HP Dynamic Smart Array B120i controller. Vibrant buys and sells new and used HP Proliant DL160 Server models, features, parts and upgrades. All hardware is fully tested and guaranteed by Vibrant warranty. With thousands of systems and parts in stock, we can ship right away at unbeatable discounts.

HP Proliant DL160 G8: By adding the DL160 to its remarkable lineup of servers, HP simply proves that it can still produce rack mount servers that are rugged and easy to install.

The HP DL160 arrives with standard management and deployment tools that make it a sought after server model to add to any small or medium datacenter. These improvised management and setup tools replace the HP SmartStart tools, and result in seamless deployment of Linux, Microsoft and Novell operating systems.

Moreover, the HP DL160 is appointed with a revamped motherboard and CPU architecture that work together to increase performance considerably for the Intel’s latest Xeon processors.

With new architecture, chipset and distinct CPU improvements, the HP DL160 is able to provide maintenance and ease of support and gives it an edge over its competitors.

The motherboard of the HP DL160 is embedded with a controller chip that regulates the traffic generated from the PCI Buses, video and RAM, which is also referred to as the Northbridge.

Taking a look at the interior, the HP DL160 boasts a clean design and neatly stacked components. This space efficiency makes it easy to maintain the server and regular upkeep. The processor of the HP DL160 is sheltered by a large passive heatsink with a clear plastic shroud to improve overall airflow.

The HP DL160 is cooled with the help of six fans that are strategically located across the entire chassis. The HP DL160 can accommodate up to two expansion cards, and can be remotely accessed with the help of a 100i chip and through a web browser.

HP DL160 G8 Specs:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon Eight, Six, Quad or Dual-Core depending on model chosen
  • Cache Memory: Depends on model chosen
  • Chipset: Intel C600
  • Upgradeability: Upgradeable to two processors (16 cores)
  • Infrastructure Management: HP iLO
  • Memory: Maximum 128GB (UDIMM); 768 GB (LRDIMM); 384 GB (RDIMM)

HP Proliant DL160 G6 Servers The high-performance HP Proliant DL160 G6 doesn’t come at a high cost, and with its ultra-dense rack server node meant for memory intensive HPC environments, web serving and large memory footprint server deployments, you won’t be disappointed. HP DL160 G6 Features:

  • Intel Xeon 5500 Processor Family
  • 2 Processors, Processor Core Available: 4
  • 144 GB RDIMM; 24 GB UDIMM Memory Max
  • 18 DIMM memory slots
  • 2 I/O expansion slots
  • Supports hot plug 3.5” SAS; hot plug 3.5” SATA; non-hot-plug 3.5” SATA

HP DL160 G5 Storage Servers An economical package well-suited to general purpose and high performance computing, the HP Proliant DL160 G5 is a dual processor capable server with core performance qualities giving customers a platform to design a fully optimized solution. Key DL160 Storage Server features include:

  • 3 new processor options
  • Supports up to 1600MHz front side bus
  • 12 MB level 2 cache
  • Up to 64GB system memory supported
  • Supports RAID5 with optional Smart Array controller

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