Vibrant is a leading independent HP Proliant reseller and buys/sells new and used HP DL320 Servers and parts. Please contact us for pricing or any questions on this product line. This enterprise rack-optimized server is a great choice for single-application IT infrastructure, web and edge-of-network applications. Dual PCI Express slots offer you high performance and protection on your investment.

HP DL320 G6 Server Features:

  • Processor Family: Intel Xeon
  • 8GB max memory
  • 9 DIMM memory slots
  • Up to 2 I/O expansion slots
  • Supports up to 2 drive bays
  • 1U form factor
  • Integrated Lights-Out (iLO 2) standard with Embedded Health and Universal Management Port (UMP)

HP Proliant DL320 G5 Servers A smart choice for single-application IT infrastructure, web and edge-of-network applications, the 1U HP Proliant DL320 G5 is an enterprise rack-optimized server.  The DL320 G5 features single-processor architecture and support for 3.5” SATA hard drives, as well as enterprise class monitoring and management tools. Available models include:

  • 418043-001, 419405-B21, 418045-001, 418046-001
General Specs on the HP Proliant DL320 G5:
  • Processor: Depends upon model chosen
  • Cache: Depends upon model chosen
  • Chipset: Intel 3000
  • Memory: 8GB Max PC2-5300 Unbuffered ECC DDR2 SDRAM
  • Form Factor: 1U
HP DL320 G4 Servers
In a dense 1U form factor, the HP DL320 G4 features Intel Dual Core processors and support for DDR2 memory.  The affordable DL320 G4 is a smart choice for service providers and data centers, as well as small and medium businesses. This server offers iLO 2, a remote management tool to deliver server remote control anytime, anywhere.
General Specs for the DL320 G4:
Processor Intel® Pentium® D processor with EM64T: Model 950 (3.40 GHz), Model 940 (3.20 GHz), Model 930 (3 GHz), Model 920 (2.80 GHz); Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with EM64T: Model 660 (3.60 GHz), Model 650 (3.40 GHz), Model 630 (3 GHz); Intel® Celeron® D processor with EM64T: Model 341 (2.93 GHz)
Cache Intel® Pentium® D models: 4 MB Level 2 Cache (2 x 2 MB); Intel® Pentium® 4 models: 2 MB Level 2 Cache (2 x 1 MB); Intel® Celeron® D models: 256 KB Level 2 Cache
Memory slots 4 slots
Memory, Maximum description 8 GB PC2-4200 UB DDR2 SDRAM
Internal mass storage 1 TB (2 x 500 GB) SATA; 292 GB (2 x 146 GB) SAS
Internal drive bays 2 hot plug SATA or SAS
Flexible Disk Drive 1.44 MB Diskette Drive Optional

HP DL320 G4 Storage Servers

Toted as supplying enterprise-level benefits and performance at an entry level price, the HP ProLiant DL320 G4 Server is a great solution for the knowledgeable enterprise and SMB customer.
HP DL320 G4 Proliant Storage Server Features
Specifications Description
Processor Intel Pentium D 900 series with 4 Megabytes of Level 2 cache
Rack Height 1U
RAID Supports SATA w/ RAID 0/1 standard
Optional Upgrade Hot plug SAS and SATA

    HP DL320 G3 / G2 Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Pentium 4 up to 3.6 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 4 GB of RAM and 80 GB 1 inch hard drive
  • Disk Drives: SCSI/SAS/ATA
  • Interfaces: Ethernet and USB ports, serial port
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server
  • Now end of life, the DL320 G2 is a rack-optimized performance server supporting 2.2Ghz, 2.7Ghz and 3.0Ghz Xeon processors and up to 32GB of RAM.
  • Even though HP has chosen to retire the DL320 G3, Vibrant still carries the G3 with many upgrades and parts.

HP DL320 G1 Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Dual-Core Xenon up to 2.67 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 8 GB of RAM and no hard drive comes with the standard model
  • The first series of the DL320 server line and originally offered under the Compaq brand, the DL320 is retired and offers 700Mhz and 900Mhz Pentium processors with up to 16GB of RAM.

Vibrant offers complete configurations as well as individual parts and upgrades for these DL320p servers. For pricing on new or used HP Proliant DL320 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.