The HP Proliant DL140 is an affordable and reliable server. The DL140 is modeled for general purposes and high performance computing. Vibrant carries a large stock refurbished and used HP ProLiant DL140 servers and upgrades, all fully tested and guaranteed by Vibrant warranty at significant price savings off the HP list pricing. We will also buy back your excess DL140 equipment and any server, networking or storage hardware you might have available to sell. Browse available DL140 Series below or contact us for more information and pricing.

HP DL140 G3 Servers The Latest DL140 Model, the G3 series offers improved performance featuring up to two Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, four USB ports (two front, two rear) and HP Lights Out Management.

HP DL140 G2 Server Equipment The DL140 G2 includes 8 DIMM slots, PCI Express capability and supports non-hot plug (NHP) Serial ATA (SATA).

HP / Compaq DL140 G1 Server Models The first series of the DL140 server line and originally offered under the Compaq brand, the DL140 is retired through HP. However, Vibrant still carries this server line as well as it's upgrades and peripherals.

HP Proliant DL140 Server Overview The HP DL140 brings to the table a range of brand new innovations to include Intel’s latest Xeon DP processor. Designed with both dual processing and workstation environments in mind, the HP DL140 can be had with either 1MB or 2MB of onsite level 3 cache, but regardless of which you chose, a 533MHz front side bus is standard to both variants. 

The HP DL140 is well built, and its front panel is equipped with a 24 x CD-ROM drive, LED panel, and cooling vents to ensure the hard disks don’t break a sweat. Furthermore, the HP DL140 arrives with two USB ports that are located on the front and back. 

The motherboard of the HP DL140 is integrated with a pair of IDE ATA/100 interfaces, with one connected to a 80 GB hard disk. Memory, Disk, CPUs, adapter cards and more are available Noise levels are significantly reduces with the variable speed fans, and the fact that the processors are mounted behind them. the four DIMM sockets provide support up to 4 GB, with the graphics catered to ATI range chipset combined with 8 MB of video memory. 

The HP DL140 comes with a SmartStart CD ROM, which simplifies the installation process, and there’s also a small box of utilizes in case you need the extra help. The rear of the HP DL140 houses a serial port, which provides remote access to the server and is backed by a special administration console. Overall, the HP DL140 delivers beyond expectations. [product_table] 

For pricing on new or used HP Proliant DL140 servers, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 toll-free or 952-653-1700 local/international.