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The HP Proliant DL360 server models are designed for space constrained installations. With high performance Xeon processors, this server family delivers high performance with a full range of applications. Vibrant carries the full line of new and used HP DL360 servers and upgrades including both current and legacy models, upgrades and parts.

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HP DL360G9-V3-16C-3.2GHz-192GB
Price: $4,820.00
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Item #: DL360G9-V3-16C-3.2GHz-192GB -

DL360G9 V3 16C 3.2GHz 192GB

HP DL360PG8-12C-2.6GHz-192GB-600GBx2
Price: $1,126.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360PG8-12C-2.6GHz-192GB-600GBx2 -

HP DL360P G8 16C 2.6GHz 192GB 600GBx2

HP DL360PG8-20C-3.0GHz-256GB-900GBx2
Price: $1,658.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360PG8-20C-3.0GHz-256GB-900GBx2 -

HP DL360P G8 20C 3.0GHz 256GB 900GBx2

HP DL360PG8-20C-3.0GHz-384GB-300GBx2-900GBx6
Price: $2,472.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360PG8-20C-3.0GHz-384GB-300GBx2-900GBx6 -

HP DL360P G8 20C 3.0GHz 384GB 300GBx2 900GBx6

HP DL360PG8-8C-2.5GHz-128GB-300GBx2
Price: $725.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360PG8-8C-2.5GHz-128GB-300GBx2 -

HP DL360P G8 8C 2.5GHz 128GB 300GBx2

HP DL360G9-V3-8C-3.2GHz-64GB
Price: $2,550.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360G9-V3-8C-3.2GHz-64GB -

DL360G9 V3 8C 3.2GHz 64GB

HP DL360G9-V3-28C-2.6GHz-384GB
Price: $7,210.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360G9-V3-28C-2.6GHz-384GB -

DL360G9 V3 28C 2.6GHz 384GB

HP DL360G9-V4-10C-3.1GHz-64GB
Price: $4,450.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360G9-V4-10C-3.1GHz-64GB -

DL360G9 V4 10C 3.1GHz 64GB

HP DL360G9-V4-20C-3.1GHz-192GB
Price: $6,950.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360G9-V4-20C-3.1GHz-192GB -

DL360G9 V4 20C 3.1GHz 192GB

HP DL360G9-V4-32C-2.6GHz-384GB
Price: $12,150.00
In Stock
Item #: DL360G9-V4-32C-2.6GHz-384GB -

DL360G9 V4 32C 2.6GHz 384GB

HP DL360 G8 Server

The 1U HP Proliant DL360 G8 is perfect for enterprise applications with a focus on dependability, accessibility and manageability. A variety of entry-level, base, and performance processors are available depending on the model chosen. Flexible LOM technologies allow you to choose your connectivity.

DL360 G8 Specs:

  • Cache Memory: Depends upon model chosen
  • Chipset: Intel C600 Series
  • Upgradeability: Upgradeable to two processors (16 cores)
  • Memory Protection: Advanced ECC, Online Spare, Lock-step
  • Memory: 128GB Max (UDIMM); 384 GB Max (RDIMM or HDIMM)

HP DL360 G7 Server / Generation 7

Ideal for space constrained installations, the 1U HP DL360 G7 now

features next generation Intel Xeon 5600 series processors, with HP iLO

and Sea of Sensors that automatically control power use and server

performance. With greater performance, capacity and efficiency in less

space, the DL360 G7 is ideal for the full range of scale out

applications. Available models include 633778-001 and 633777-001 DL360 G7 Specs:

Processor family Intel® Xeon® 5600 series
Number of processors 2 or 1
Processor core available 6 or 4
Maximum memory 384 GB DDR3 RDIMM or UDIMM
Memory slots 18 DIMM slots
Expansion slots 2x PCIe G2 Slots for Full-height, Full-length and low profile option cards Maximum
Network Controller (2) 1GbE NC382i Multifunction 4 Ports
Maximum drive bays (4) SFF SAS/SATA/SSD or (8) SFF SAS/SATA/SSD
Storage Controller (1) Smart Array P410i/Zero Memory (2) Smart Array P410i/256MB BBWC (4) Smart Array P410/1GB FBWC

HP DL360 G6 Servers / Generation 6

The HP Proliant DL360 G6 joins intelligent power and cooling management with infrastructure management tools and essential fault tolerance into a 1U form factor ideal for a full range of scale out applications. DL360 Gen VI Specs:

  • Processors: Intel Xeon Six-Core, Quad-Core or Dual-Core processors depending on model chosen
  • Cache Memory: Depends upon model chosen
  • Chipset: Intel 5520
  • Upgradeability: Upgradable to two processors
  • Memory: 192GB Max (RDIMM) or 48GB Max (UDIMM)

HP DL360 G5 Servers / Generation 5

The HP Proliant DL360 G5 server features 1U compute power, iLO management and essential fault tolerance, making it ideal for installations where space is limited. Choose between Quad or Dual-Core Intel processors for strong performance. The DL360 G5 also has redundant power, redundant fans, mirrored memory or online spare memory, and embedded RAID capability. DL360 Gen V Specs:

  • Processors: Depends upon model chosen
  • Memory: Max 64GB PC2-5300 Fully Buffered DIMMs
  • Storage Controller: Depends upon model chosen
  • Internal Drive Support: Up to 6 SFF hot-plug drive bays; slimline media bay supporting DVD, CD or Floppy drive
  • Expansion Slots: 2 PCI-Express
  • USB 2.0 Ports: 4
HP DL360 G4 Servers / Generation 4

The HP DL360 G4 and G4p bring together a powerful dual core processor with Serial Attached SCSI and remote management capabilities for a complete server platform. Ideal in data centers with restricted space, the HP Proliant DL360 G4 offers DP Xeon processors to boost system performance, as well as embedded Lights-Out technology to deliver a secure text based remote console and remote power on/off. In just a 1U form factor, the DL360 G4 also features an optional graphical remote console and virtual media functionality. DL360 Gen IV Features:
Processor Intel® Xeon™ 3.00 GHz/800MHz, 3.40 GHz/800MHz or 3.60 GHz/800MHz Processor
Number of processors 1 or 2 supported
Cache 1 MB Level 2 cache
Chipset Intel chipset is E7520
Memory Type 2-way interleaved capable PC2700 DDR SDRAM Memory
Memory slots 4 slots
Memory Upgrade Maximum – 8 GB

HP DL360 G3 Server Specifications / Generation 3

the DL360 G3 is a lead server with 1U compute power and remarkable system feature such as embedded remote management and optional redundant power. A high-end server for business applications, storage, and file sharing, the third generation gives users strong performance and like some of the other servers in this line, it has an option for a redundant power supply. HP Integrated Lights Out software that comes with this server allows for remote management, diagnostics, administration, and management of the server’s boot sequence.

DL360 Gen III Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Xenon up to 3.2 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 8 GB of RAM and 2 x 145.6 GB
  • Disk Drives: ATA SCSI
  • Interfaces: Ethernet and USB ports, serial port
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server

HP DL360 G2 Server Specifications / Generation 2

Now end of life, the much admired DL360 G2, with 1U chassis, has high-tech features such as 133MHz ECC registered SDRAM DIMM memory, 133MHz GTL bus and much more. It can be upgraded to a dual processor for even more power and it comes with Insight Manager 7, software that monitors the server and resolves potential problems before they develop to ensure a smooth running system. DL360 Gen II Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Pentium III-S up to 1.4 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 4 GB of RAM and no standard hard drive, but has slots for up to 145.6GB
  • Disk Drives: ATA SCSI
  • Interfaces: Ethernet and USB ports, serial port
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server 2000

HP DL360 G1 Servers / Generation 1

A rack server from the HO ProLiant line, the HP DL360 G1 also comes with the option of a redundant power supply so you’ll be protected in case of a power outage. It also comes with software that allows for remote management and it heads off network traffic issues before they have a chance to become a problem. DL360 Gen 1 Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: AMD Opteron Dual-Core up to 2.4 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 4 GB of RAM and expansion slots for 2 X 72.8 GB 1 inch drives
  • Disk Drives: SCSI SAS
  • Interfaces: Ethernet and USB ports, serial port
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server

HP Proliant DL360 Series Server Review

In an effort to reduce costs, many businesses are turning to consolidation, where each new server is expected to take the place of multiple systems and be able handle all their workloads.

This is a key area of interest for HP, and its latest ProLiant DL360 G7 aims to offer top performance in a small footprint, so you can make some big savings in rack space and running costs.

Energy efficiency is a top priority, and HP's latest management tools offer some of the best power controls currently available. For starters, you have its new iLO3 embedded controller and the optional advanced upgrade activates the Power Meter feature, which provides real-time and historical graphs of consumption in Watts or BTU/hr.

You also get power regulation and capping controls in the iLO3 interface. The low power mode throttles back the CPU to its lowest power state, while the high performance mode throws all energy savings to the wind.

The dynamic power-saving mode sets lower or higher p-states based on utilisation, while capping sets an absolute limit on power usage. HP's seventh generation of servers introduces its "sea of sensors" concept.

Up to 32 embedded sensors on the motherboard keep a close eye on thermal activity and will automatically adjust the fans and processors to keep a balance between temperature and performance.

HP's Insight Control software has an optional Power Manager plugin that monitors and controls power consumption and thermal output. You can apply settings such as capping from the Insight console and display graphs showing power usage, CPU performance and exhaust temperatures over hours, days or weeks.

The server sees some welcome improvements over the sixth-generation DL360, as HP has given it four embedded Gigabit ports to bring it in line with the competition. To free up some space at the back for these extra ports, it's removed the PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports.

Internally, HP has redesigned the recalcitrant air shroud from the G6 version, making it more solid and much easier to remove and replace. In single-processor models, cooling is handled by three hot-plug modules, each with a pair of dual-rotor fans.

The second processor kit comes with a fourth cooling fan module that plugs in directly behind it. HP's thermal sensors worked well during testing: we could hear the fan speeds constantly being adjusted, and operational noise levels were incredibly low.

Storage potential is among the best, as the four hot-swap drive bays in the standard DL360 can be upgraded to eight. There's no need to add an extra RAID card either, as the embedded Smart Array P410i controller has a pair of four-port SAS interfaces and the spare one can be cabled directly to the extra backplane.

RAID options are extensive: the entry-level model has no cache memory and supports mirrors and stripes. The review system had the extra 256MB cache module fitted in a dedicated slot, which also brings RAID5 into play.

Cache can be upgraded to 512MB or 1GB and a battery backup is available as well, but RAID6 isn't an option on this server. The review server was equipped with a single 460W power supply, but redundancy is supported since there's room for two hot-plug supplies. HP offers 460W, 750W and high-power 1,200W models, and you can choose from any of them since they all share a common slot form factor.

Our system had a single 2.67GHz E5640 processor partnered by 6GB of DDR3 memory and, although this is a fairly basic specification, we found the server was easy on the power supply. It was measured drawing 80W with Server 2008 R2 Enterprise in idle, which peaked at only 148W under load from SiSoft Sandra.

The DL360 has virtualisation duties on its agenda: the motherboard has an embedded SD memory card slot that accepts either VMware or Citrix XenServer embedded hypervisors. There's also an internal USB port, making this server the match of the A-Listed Dell PowerEdge R610.

Further expansion is facilitated by an internal riser that has a PCI Express slot on each side with one accepting a full-length card and the other having room for a low-profile card. HP's tool-less design doesn't extend to the riser since its supporting bracket is held firmly in place by four Torx screws.

Server deployment is helped along by the HP's latest Insight Control 6 management software, which provides tools for migrating operating systems and applications. However, installing an OS on one server still requires it to be booted with the SmartStart DVD.

The R610 offers Dell's Lifecycle Controller and 1GB of NVRAM, which provides embedded OS installation tools, drivers and diagnostics. The new DL360 G7 packs a lot into its compact chassis and its storage potential is among the best of the current crop of 1U rack servers.

It can't beat Dell for value, since a similarly specified R610 costs substantially less, but HP's iLO3 controller and Insight Control software partnership offer the best remote system and power management tools on the market.

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