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The HP Proliant DL380 server models offer a 4-Way rackmount system that provides both storage and processing power and performance in a 4U Chassis optimized to reduce any bottleneck your IT requirements might face. Vibrant carries the full line of new and used HP DL380 servers and upgrades from the latest Gen 7 DL and Gen 8 DL380p Servers down to the original Compaq Proliant DL380 Gen 1/2/3 models and parts for legacy users.

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HP DL380PG812C-2.6GHz-256GB-600GBx2
Price: $1,353.00
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Item #: DL380PG812C-2.6GHz-256GB-600GBx2 -

DL380P G8 12C 2.6GHz 256GB 600GBx2

HP DL380PG8-20C-3.0GHz-384GB-900GBx2
Price: $2,265.00
In Stock
Item #: DL380PG8-20C-3.0GHz-384GB-900GBx2 -

DL380P G8 20C 3.0GHz 384GB 900GBx2

HP DL380PG8-20C-3.0GHz-768GB-600GBx8
Price: $3,617.00
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Item #: DL380PG8-20C-3.0GHz-768GB-600GBx8 -

DL380P G8 20C 3.0GHz 768GB 600GBx8

HP DL380PG8-8C-2.5GHz-128GB-300GBx2
Price: $799.00
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Item #: DL380PG8-8C-2.5GHz-128GB-300GBx2 -

DL380P G8 8C 2.5GHz 128GB 300GBx2

HP DL380p Gen8 Servers / Generation 8 The HP Proliant DL380p G8 is a 2U, 2-socket rack server ideal for data center environments with twice the memory capacity over the previous generation and support for up to two Intel Xeon E5-2600 processors. FlexibleLOM technology now provides a choice in networking, and Integrated Lifecycle

Automation delivers embedded provisioning tools, Active Health monitoring and system maintenance capabilities Available models include:

670857-S01, 670856-S01, 670854-S01, 670853-S01, 670852-S01, 642121-001, 642120-001, 642119-001, 642107-001, 677278-001, 642106-001, 642105-001, 662257-001 DL380 G8 Specs:

  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2600 family
  • Number Processors: 2 or 1
  • Processor Core Available: 8 or 6 or 4 or 2
  • Memory: 768GB Max PC3-10600 RRDIMMs DDR3, 3-12600R RDIMMs DDR3, PC3L-10600L RDIMMs DDR3, or PC3-10600E UDIMMs DDR3
  • Expansion slots: 6
  • Maximum drive bays: 8 SFF SAS/SATA/SSD or 8 LFF SAS SATA or 12 LFF SAS/SATA or 25 SFF SAS/SATA/SSD
HP DL380 Gen7 Servers / Generation 7

With a history of impressive engineering, the 2U HP Proliant DL380 G7 is a smart choice for an array of applications. Now with more flexibility and performance, the DL380 G7 supports up to two Intel Xeon 5600 series processors and up to 384 GB of DDR3 memory.

Available Models include:
639828-005, 643413-S01, 639829-005, 639830-005, 633408-001, 583969-001, 589152-001, 633407-001, 633405-001, 583966-001, 583970-001, 633404-001

DL380 G7 Specs:

Processor family Intel® Xeon® 5600 series
Number of processors 2 or 1
Processor core available 6 or 4 or 2
Maximum memory 384 GB
Memory slots 18 DIMM slots
Memory type PC3-10600R RDIMMs DDR3 or PC3-10600E UDIMMs DDR3
Expansion slots
Network Controller (2) 1GbE NC382i Multifunction 2 Ports
Maximum drive bays (16) SFF SAS/SATA with optional second drive cage
Supported drives Hot plug 2.5-inch SAS or SATA Hot plug 3.5-inch SAS or SATA
Storage Controller (1) Smart Array P410i Integrated

HP DL380 Gen6 Servers / Generation 6

With a history of impressive engineering, the 2U HP Proliant DL380 G6 delivers enterprise-class uptime and manageability, now with more flexibility and greater performance. The DL380 G6 now offers the Intel 5600 Series 6-core capable processors, including X5670, X5660 and X5650. HP DL380 G6 Specs:

  • Upgradeability: Upgradeable to 2 processors (12 cores)
  • Chipset: Intel 5520
  • Memory: DDR3 RDIMM and Unbuffered (UDIMM); Max 192 GB (RDIMM) and 48 GB (UDIMM)
  • System Fans: Fully redundant hot plug fans
HP DL380 Gen5 Servers / Generation 5

The G5 series, has proven performance. The DL380 G5 is known as the "World's Largest Selling Server". Featuring enterprise-level uptime and excellence in design, the DL380 G5 features 2U density for an assortment of rack deployments and applications. And, with Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2) Management and New Systems Insight Display for walk up system diagnostics, the DL380 makes a smart choice.

DL380 G5 Features
Processor:Up to two (2) Intel Xeon 5X00 sequence Dual-Core or Quad-Core processors with Intel VT technology
Memory:Up to 64GB of 667MHz DDR2 Fully-buffered DIMMs; with interleaving, mirrored memory and online spare capability
PCI:Four (4) available PCI-Express expansion slots standard with optional PCi-X/PCI-X Express riser
Power:Power Regulator and Power Meter for ProLiant, delivering integrated power monitoring and server level, policy-based power management
NIC:Dual multifunction Gigabit NICs with TOE to lower network latency
Storage:Expandable storage for support of up to eight (8) SAS or SATA small form factor drives
Virtualization Technology:Integrated VMware 3i and Citrix XenServer virtualization technology
Models: G4, G3, G2, G1"] HP DL380 G4 / Gen4 The Latest DL380 G4 is versitile and has the ability for a wide range of use. Intended for an array of rack deployments and applications, the Proliant DL380 G4 boasts an impressive history of excellence in design. The DL380 G4 has a rack height of only 4U and is perfect not only for enterprises, but also for small and medium businesses with rack environments. This server also has high availability features like hot plug redundant power, online spare memory and hot plug/redundant fans. DL380 G4 Specs:
Available Processors Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz/800MHz – 2MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.8 GHz/800MHz – 2MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.6 GHz/800MHz – 2MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.6 GHz/800MHz – 1MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.4 GHz/800MHz – 2MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.4 GHz/800MHz – 1MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz/800MHz – 2MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz/800MHz – 1MB L2 Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz/800MHz – 2MB L2
Processor Capacity
Max Memory 12GB PC2-3200 DDR2
Advanced Memory Protection Advanced ECC, online spare (single rank DIMMs only)
Storage Type Hot plug SCSI Hot plug Serial ATA Hot plug 2.5? SAS
Max Drive Bays 6 SCSI or 8 SAS
Removable Media Bays
Storage Controller Integrated Smart Array 6i or Smart Array P600
HP DL380 G3 / Gen3 In the current HP Product lineup, the DL380 G3 provides 64bit dual-core processor and up to 64GB of RAM. The HP DL380 G3 is a capable server that is versatile enough to act in a number of different roles within a business. It is designed to be mounted on a server rack and it comes with insight management software that helps to keep it running and minimizes downtime and system bottlenecks. HP DL380 G3 Features:
  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Xenon 3.06 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 12 GB of RAM with no standard hard drive but 18 GB may be added
  • Disk Drives: SCSI
  • Interfaces: 2 Ethernet, 5 USB drives, one serial drive
  • Other Detail: Runs Microsoft Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux
HP DL380 G2 / Gen2 Although HP has retired the DL380

G2, Vibrant offers a wide range of upgrades and peripheral for this series. The HP DL380 G2 has made its mark as a reliable, configurable, and scalable server capable of performing a number of functions and tasks within a business. It comes with insight manager software that insures it will operate free from downtime and avoid potential bottlenecks that can slow production to a crawl. HP

DL380 G2 Specs:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Pentium III up to 1.133 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 12 GB of RAM and a hard drive capacity of 436 GB
  • Disk Drives: SCSI
  • Interfaces: 2 Ethernet, 5 USB drives, one serial drive
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server
HP / Compaq DL380 G1 / 1st generation The first series

of the DL380 server line and originally offered under the Compaq brand, the DL580 is retired. Vibrant, however, continues to carry this model as well as many peripherals for it. The HP DL380 G1 may be an older model server, but it is still capable of adding value to a business network. It can be expanded to up to 4 GB of RAM for good processing speed and it has security features including disk configuration lock, and software to monitor performance and prevent costly downtime.

DL380 G1 Specifications:

  • CPUs/Processors: Pentium III 1.0 GHZ
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 4 GB of RAM and 4 X 72.8 GB + 2 X 72.8 GB 1 inch drives
  • Disk Drives: SCSI
  • Interfaces: Ethernet and USB ports, serial port and parallel port
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server

HP DL380 Server Review The HP DL380 excels in two areas the most, its high storage capacity and the ability to take on phenomenal 2U Rack expansion plans. This versatile server has for long become the star player in HP's rack server segment. Now already in its 7th generation, it continues to help bring down the cost and maintain the popularity of 2U servers.

The New Generation For the DL380, HP has decided to make remote management its key area of focus and this is why this is the first ever ProLiant server that comes with the iLO3 embedded controller, which HO has always claimed is supposedly 8 times faster than the iLO2.

Besides, the iLO3 also translates to virtual media services that operate 3 times quicker. The HP DL380 even comes with an integrated Windows remote control that helps to suit up on multiple monitors whereas the Linux version offers plenty more features than what HP gave before including access security for iLO, AES hardware encryption.

Unfortunately the best iLO features are yet not available on the latest generation of the HP DL380 because to get the remote control you need to buy an upgrade license, whereas other vendors give this as an essential support function.

The Build This latest new addition actually now comes with a brand new architecture too. To start with it features a large metal plate that holds the whole motherboard, which is now smaller in the new generation.

This helps in replacing or removing it and using riser cards. As for expansion, you get plenty of awesome choices. Three PCI-E slots, single risers, second riser, mix of PCI-X and PCI-E slots are all available based on the customer's needs.

Now the DL380 doesn't come with a large cooling shroud as it offers up smaller transparent covers that fit all around the processor socket instead of covering them from top. This looks to work fine with around 4 to 6 hot-plug fans running all the time. In fact, the overall design makes the DL380 a really silent server.

To help in configuring storage capacity, the HP DL380 comes with lots of room on the top that can hold around 16 hot-swap drive bays. Compared with Dell's R710, it has twice the storage capacity for SFF drives.

This server even packs in a P410i controller embedded into the unit with four port SAS connectors all over the motherboard. Cache module is present to the bottom dedicated side and comes with a plug for additional backup power.

The Additional Features If you are after power management or video playback then this is the server to get. With this server you will get analytics and graphs of power usage, regulation and plenty of capping controls too. In fact, when required you can also capture boot-up process or any specific purpose and watch it using the iLO Video Player.

The new remote control services are actually much quicker than operating a mouse and showed hardly any lag or fluttering. In tests, it was also seen that with the new Windows remote console, accessing the server was so much simpler and could be shaped or stretched based on the dimensions required.

The HP DL380 comes with network device management and general server management protocols called the Insight Control from HP This helps manage all HP servers and provides network discoveries plus interacting with other SNMP compliant devices.

Moving on, the ICE offers an intuitive browser interface with detailed reports on every kind of system operation or asset management. In fact, you can remotely run upgrades of the server or firmware, send alerts, power manage, set thresholds on critical components, manage inlet air temperature, CPU performance and heat or even view historical graphs.

Those who love virtualization will now love the avaialability of the SD memory card and an internal USB that helps booting directly from an embedded hypervisor. On the other hand for boot media redundancy, the R710 from Dell comes with total of two internal SD card slots.

The HP DL380 actually comes with just one 460 Watt power supply however, the presence of two hot-plug supplies does help in ensuring redundancy if and when it is required. Adding to this level of customization for power backup, HP provides three basic power supply models, all using the same slot form factor to fit into the DL380 chassis.

The Verdict On an average, the Power consumption of the DL380 is economical with a standard specification but if you try to load the processor it can shoot up to just 145 Watts. This is in fact nothing compared to plenty other vendors and most of the time, the server manages to idle at around 72 Watts. Even though there are other competitors offering something similar, the DL380 is an awesome combination of storage capacity, processing power, low power usage and expansion potential.

HP Proliant DL380p G8 Overview: If you’re looking for server that will handle overwhelming amounts of I/O requests or demanding database transactions, the HP DL380p is a great choice for small to medium size organizations.

Even the entry level HP DL380p is able to accommodate several virtual servers or handle demanding tasks quite efficiently. The HP DL380p is part of the 8th generation series of servers and ships with a ton of control options and management tools.

The HP DL380p is powered by an Intel Xeon dual 2.9 GHZ E5-2690 processors and boasts up to 16 cores. Adding to this is the DDR 3 – 1600 128 GB RAM, and for storage, the HP DL380p is stacked with eight 300 GB SAS 6G 2.5 inch SFF hard disks, and all this in a 2U rack mount form factor. Equipped with four Ethernet GB ports, six USB ports, six expansion slots and dual power supplies, the HP DL380p is ready to get started right out of the box.

Other notable features of the HP DL380p are flat cabling, which keep the interior of the server neat and tidy and a smart socket guide, which greatly reduces the handling of the actual processor during a traditional installation process. This also makes it easy to fit the processor into the socket and is a great help considering the pins are delicate and are prone to bending if handled roughly.

The HP DL380p is appointed with the SmartDrive feature, where each drive is embedded with an LED light that indicates problems as they arise.


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