The HP Proliant DL760 server model is designed for high performance and availability. With it's eight processors, the DL760, meets the needs for any data center environment. Even though HP has retired the DL760 server and its components, Vibrant continues to carry used HP Proliant DL760 Servers and all storage, memory and upgrades for the system. 

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HP Proliant DL760 Server Overview: 

The HP DL760 is the perfect server to meet the needs of ever-growing data center requirements, and provides increased availability and scalability. Fitted with the all new Intel Xeon processors, the HP DL760 ships with an extensive list of features such as hot-plug RAID memory, Integrated Slimline CD/DVD-ROM and integrated HP NC7170 Dual-Port PCI-X. 

 The DL760 affords excellent performance capabilities with up to 8 processors, 64GB of RAM max and the ability to add four 146.8GB Hard Disk Drives for a maximum of 587GB of internal storage capacity. The modular chassis design allows you to grow into the server that your changing environment demands. 

The DL760 is often considered alongside the HP DL740 which is very similar, but the DL760 offers 4 more hot plug PCI-X slots in a 7U chassis. If space is an issue, the 740 might be your choice as a 4U server, but if connectivity is an issue, then the extra slots of the 760 is the way to go.

HP DL760 G2 The Latest DL760 Model, the G2 series, offers high-performance for growing customers requirements. This server is required to meet the future demands of enterprise server cosolidation as well as todays performace issues. HP DL760 G1

In the current HP Product lineup, the DL760 G1 provides 64bit dual-core 7020 and 7040 processors and up to 64GB of RAM.

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