The HP Proliant ML370server models offer a 4-Way Solution that provides outstanding power and performance in a 4U Chassis. At Vibrant Technologies, we buy and sell new and used HP ML370 Servers. Browse our ML370 Generation models below for details and contact us for more information and pricing.

HP ML370 G6 / Generation 6 With enterprise class features and performance, the HP Proliant ML370 G6 is optimized for virtualization and consolidation environments. The ML370 G6 is ideal for use in expanding businesses, remote office sites, or data centers. This server now features support for Intel Xeon 5600 series processor refresh, up to 192 GB of DDR3 Registered (RDIMM) or up to 48 GB DDR3 Unbuffered (UDIMM) memory, iLO Advanced and expandable storage support. HP offers two models on the ML370 G6 platform, 625591-001 and 625589-001. HP ML370 Gen6 Specifications:
Product description ML370 G6 E5620 4C SFF (625591-001) ML370 G6 E5649 6C SFF (625589-001)
Processor name Intel® Xeon® E5620 (4 core, 2.40 GHz, 12MB L3, 80W) Intel® Xeon® E5649 (6 core, 2.53 GHz, 12MB L3, 80W)
# of Processors
Memory 4 GB 6 GB
Memory slots 18 DIMM slots 18 DIMM slots
Network Controller (1) 1GbE NC375i Multifunction 4 Ports (1) 1GbE NC375i Multifunction 4 Ports
Storage Controller (1) Smart Array P410i/256MB (1) Smart Array P410i/512MB BBWC
Power Supply (1) 460 Watt CS high efficiency (1) 750 Watt CS high efficiency

HP ML370 G5 / Generation 5 The ML370 Gen5 offers industry-leading performance and is backed by the latest Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5000 processor. The versatile HP Proliant ML370 G5 was designed to perform in a broad range of settings, from corporate work groups to critical remote sites in need of uninterrupted accessibility and uptime. The ML370 G5 is available in performance, base and entry-level models. HP ML370 Gen5 Specifications:

  • Quad-core Intel Xeon 5400 sequence processors with 12MB Level 2 cache
  • Support for up to 2 processors
  • Intel 5000P chipset
  • Max 64GB PC2-5300 fully buffered DIMMs
  • Nine total expansion slots
  • USB 2.0 support/Six total USB ports
  • Specific model numbers can be viewed in the table below.

HP ML370 G4 / Generation 4 The ML370 Gen4 is ideal for various work environments ranging from corporate work groups down to critical remote sites. Offering 2.8GHz to 3.8 GHz Intel Processors, this server is an enterprise-class server. The HP Proliant ML370 G4 is an ideal choice in corporate work groups, expanding businesses, and critical remote sites that need continuous accessibility and uptime. The ML370 G4 now supports up to two Intel Xeon processors with Hyperthreading Technology. HP ML370 Gen4 Specifications:

  • Processor Family: Single-core and Dual-core Intel Xeon processors with 2MB Level 2 cache
  • Number Processors: 2 or 1
  • Memory: Maximum 16 GB of 2-way interleaved PC2-3200R 400MHz DDR2
  • Expansion slots: 6
  • Network Controller: Integrated NC7781 PCI-X Gigabit Server Adapter
Proliant ML370 Storage Server From corporate work groups to vital remote sites demanding strong stability and uptime, the ML370 G4 may be a smart choice, with its high-performance and accessibility in a dual processor expansion server designed to succeed in a variety of settings. With 1GB (2×512) standard, and 2GB (2×1024) standard on all high performance models, this storage server offers a variety of other features as well.
ML370 Storage Server Specs
Processor:Single-core and Dual-core Intel Xeon Processors with 2MB Level 2 cache
Memory:Maximum 16 GB of 2-way interleaved PC2-3200R 400MHz DDR2 memory with Advanced ECC capabilities
SCSI Adapter:Integrated Dual Channel Ultra320
Drive Bays:(8) small form factor (SFF) hot-plug drive bays for serial models or (6) hot-plug Ultra320 SCSI drive bays

HP ML370 G3 / Generation 3 Now end of life, the ML370 G3 is a 2-way platform offering high-performance and versatility. The HP ML370 G3 is an older model business server, as it still has a serial port. But this may make it the right solution for interface with other older IT devices. It has a powerful Intel Xenon processor that is fast and the standard Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports. It can be upgraded to a dual processor if more power is required and it runs on the Windows NT 4.0 operating system. HP ML370 Gen3 Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Xenon with up to 3.2 GHZ processor
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 6 GB of RAM and 6 x 72.8 GB 1? with standard internal hot plug drive cage
  • Disk Drives: SAS/SATA
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB ports
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows BT 4.0 and Red Hat Linux

HP ML370 G2 / Generation 2 The ML370 G2 is a rack-optimized performance server supporting 2.2Ghz, 2.7Ghz and 3.0Ghz Xeon processors and up to 32GB of RAM. The HP ML370 G2 is designed primarily for small business. It has a serial port so it has connectivity options for older hardware and a powerful Intel Xenon processor. It can be updated with expansion slots for memory and the CPU may also be upgraded. It can be mounted to a rack if needed or used as a stand-alone. HP ML370 Gen2 Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Pentium III with up to a 1.4 GHZ processor
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 6 GB of RAM and 6 x 36.4 GB 1? hard drives
  • Disk Drives: SAS/SCSI
  • Interfaces: Ethernet and USB ports
  • Other Detail: Runs with Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 or Windows 2000 Server

HP ML370 G1 / Generation 1 Originally offered under the Compaq Proliant brand, the ML370 Gen1 is retired, yet still available used, offering 700Mhz and 900Mhz Pentium processors with up to 16GB of RAM. The HP ML370 G1 is an older server for businesses and it has the connections needed in serial and parallel ports for older hardware. But since it has an Intel Pentium processor, it still has use for a business and can be had at a reasonable price. It features Insight Manager, a program that actively monitors the operation of the server as well as the clients it serves for maximum uptime and minimum downtime. HP ML370 Gen1 Features:

  • CPUs/Processors: Intel Pentium III with 1 GHZ processor, can be upgraded to dual processing
  • Memory: Capable of a capacity of up to 4 GB of RAM with no hard drive on standard models, but has internal storage of 6X 72 GB 1? internal hot plug drive cage only
  • Disk Drives: SAS/SCSI
  • Interfaces: serial and parallel ports, USB ports, Ethernet port
  • Other Detail: Runs Windows NT Server and Novell Netware

HP ML370 Server Review 

The HP ML370 was announced during the time of Lindenhurst and Nocona Xeon chipsets by Intel. This was a time when key server vendors were starting to take Intel productions seriously for its price and performance. Quite naturally, HP followed suit soon enough and took out the ProLiant ML370 with plenty of amazing features. This rack based server packed in the latest technological advancements of that time along with a sturdy construction and affordable price tag.

The Competition 

Competing directly with the HP ML370 was the PowerEdge 2850 but despite its promise of delivering a better product by Fall, Dell simply could not bring out its new offering. In fact, Dell went ahead in saying that it won't support the Tumwater implementation by Intel as this caused heating issues on new processors. Odd since, at the price set for the Nocona processors, it really doesn't matter if it heats up or not and if it supports a 64 bit processing system. 

The Latest Generation 

The ML370 from HP is an impressive server that boasts of an awesome build quality. It packs in a 5U rack mount that has sufficient space to the front to hold a six disk hot swapable cage and even couple of Ultra 320 72.6GB drives. Unfortunately, the total capacity is a bit lacking in an attempt to keep the servers looking small. 

Thankfully, HP continues to offer expansion offers on the side with room for about three 5.25 inch devices. Even the power consumption is nominal because of a distribution board that comes mounted under the motherboard, which also saves a lot of space. The new generation of the HP ML370 operates on a single 775 Watt power supply present to the rear but a second one can be added for extra security. 

As for the internal design, things could not have been any simpler or trustworthy. Every single interface is present on the front side of the motherboard, as close as possible to devices they actually service. The cables come next and are neatly hidden under the front cages. 

What will really catch your attention is the array of three hot-swap fans that handle all the cooling needs of the HP ML370. This additionally helps decrease the noise levels or the server. To the right side is a bay with room for another hot-swap fan when needed. 

The processors are present behind the hard drive bay, covered with a plastic shroud to compliment the direct airflow. Basically, the new ML370 is a perfect amalgamation of build quality, design and processing power all packed into a compact but effective mould. 

The entire server's gut is held down by a single large clamp that can be released quickly using a side lever after which the top comes off to reveal the processor and passive heatsinks. Moving on the left bank has 8 DIMM sockets that use DDR2 memory. 

The ML370 in fact comes with a couple of 512MB DDR-400 SDRAM, which makes these much smaller than usual. Since DDR2 memory depends on FBGA packaging you know that their density can be indefinitely increased without affecting the size a lot. HP offers currently 4GB and 8GB modules too but beware compared to latest generation memory chips these tend to draw in a lot of power and heat.

Additional Features The HP ML370 might seem like an old server that isn't designed any longer for today's business needs but think again because this sturdy yet compact server is quite capable for many small to medium businesses. To start with the server offers excellent internal expansion abilities with 4 PCI slots at 100MHz/64-bit and a couple of 4X PCI-E slots. 

The only downside to all this is that none of the slots actually support hot swap capability. For the network connection, this HP server uses a gigabit embedded adapter that also uses the iLO remote management controller with another embedded 10/100BASETX adapter. 

Basically this means that the administrator can access the server directly via a web browser regardless of what condition it is in. Through the iLO one can keep a close watch over the controller and server status, rest it, power it on or off, see installed components and emulate many more things. 

During normal operations, the Insight Manager from HP provides lots of information and alerts too. Together with the iLO, the Insight Manager helps manage an entire array of HP ML370 without any worries. In fact, it is much easier to maintain these servers and use its expansion capabilities for meeting future contingencies. 

The Verdict The HP ML370 quite simply speaking boasts of an awesome build quality and design, probably the best in rack mounted servers at the moment. It gives a decent combination of performance, specifications, technological advancements and all this without costing a lot. Now that DDR2 prices are hitting rock bottom, these servers are definitely more affordable than before. 

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