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IBM 8205-E6D-6C-4.2GHZ-NOPVM
Price: $1,695.00
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Item #: 8205-E6D-6C-4.2GHZ-NOPVM -

P740 6 Core 4.2GHZ No PowerVM

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-ENT
Price: $2,500.00
In Stock
Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-ENT -

P740 16C 3.6 (EPCQ), PVM ENT

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-4.2-PVM-STD
Price: $2,500.00
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Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-4.2-PVM-STD -

P740 16-Core 4.2 (EPCR) , PVM Standard

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-1024GB-600GBx4
Price: $5,995.00
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Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-1024GB-600GBx4 -

P740 16C 3.6GHz PowerVM Standard 1024GB 600GBx4

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-192GB-300GBx2
Price: $3,650.00
In Stock
Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-192GB-300GBx2 -

P740 16C 3.6GHz PowerVM Standard 192GB 300GBx2

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-32GB-146GBx2
Price: $2,750.00
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Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-32GB-146GBx2 -

P740 16C 3.6GHz PowerVM Standard 32GB 146GBx2

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-512GB-600GBx2
Price: $3,595.00
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Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-3.6-PVM-STD-512GB-600GBx2 -

P740 16C 3.6GHz PowerVM Standard 512GB 600GBx2

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-4.2-NO-PVM
Price: $2,000.00
In Stock
Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-4.2-NO-PVM -

P740 16-Core 4.2 (EPCR) , NO PVM

IBM 8205-E6D-6C-4.2GHZ-PVM-ENT
Price: $1,800.00
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Item #: 8205-E6D-6C-4.2GHZ-PVM-ENT -

P740 6 Core 4.2GHZ PVM Enterprise

IBM 8205-E6D-16C-4.2-PVM-ENT
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Item #: 8205-E6D-16C-4.2-PVM-ENT -

P740 16-CORE 4.2GHZ, PVM ENT

The IBM Power 740 Express (8205-E6D) system is a high performance, reliable and expandable midsize database and consolidation server based on POWER7+ processor technology. The IBM 8205-E6D is perfect for running today’s compute-intensive mix of business transactions along with social and mobile activity. The 8205-E6D gives you the ability to choice between AIX, IBM i, and Linux operating systems.

IBM 8205-E6D Features:
POWER7+ processor modules (one per system) 6-core or 12-core 4.2 GHz or 8-core or 16-core 3.6 GHz or 8-core or 16-core 4.2 GHz
Sockets 1 or 2
L2 Cache 256 KB per core
L3 Cache 10 MB per core
Memory 8 GB to 512 GB or RDIMM DDR3 (1 processor); 8 GB to 1024 GB of RDIMM DDR3 (2 processors); (Active Memory Expansion available)
SSDs Up to eight SFF drives
Disk Drives Up to eight SFF SAS drives
Disk capacity Up to 7.2 TB
Media bays Slimline for DVD-RAM; Half-height for tape drive or removable disk
Operating systems support AIX, IBM i, Linux for POWER

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