The IBM 9117-MMB Power 770 servers utilizes the latest POWER7 processor and the next-gen I/O technology made to bring unprecedented performance, scalability, dependability, and manageability for demanding commercial workloads. The IBM 9117 Model MMB POWER 7 server is a modular system that may be configured with one to four processor drawers using 6-core SCM processors will let you run 48 processor cores at 3.72 GHz.

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IBM 9117-MMB-48C-3.1GHZ-1024GB-PVM-ENT
Price: $4,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-48C-3.1GHZ-1024GB-PVM-ENT -

48 Core 3.1GHz (4981) 1024Gb PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 9117-MMB-64C-3.1GHZ-APV
Price: $7,500.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-64C-3.1GHZ-APV -

64 Core 3.1GHZ (4981) 2TB Memory Active APV

Price: $2,500.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-16C-3.1GHZ-PVMENT -

P770 16 Core 3.1GHZ (4981) 256GB PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 9117-MMB-48C-3.5GHZ-1280GB-PVM-ENT
Price: $7,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-48C-3.5GHZ-1280GB-PVM-ENT -

P770 48 Core with 41 Active 3.5GHZ 1280Gb RAM PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 9117-MMB-48C-3.1GHZ-1.28TB-PVM-ENT
Price: $3,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-48C-3.1GHZ-1.28TB-PVM-ENT -

P770 48-Core 3.1GHz (4987) 1.28Tb PowerVM ENT

IBM 9117-MMB-64C-3.1-288GB-PVMENT
Price: $4,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-64C-3.1-288GB-PVMENT -

P770 64 Core 3.1GHZ 288GB PowerVM Enterprise

IBM 9117-mmb8/16way3.1
Price: $1,595.00
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Item #: 9117-mmb8/16way3.1 -

Power7 770 16/8 Way 3.1GHz (4981) 64GB RAM, PVM STD

IBM 9117-MMB-64C-3.1GHz-1Tb
Price: $7,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-64C-3.1GHz-1Tb -

P770 64C 3.1GHz, 1Tb RAM, 4x300Gb HD,PVM ENT

IBM 9117-MMB-32w-3.1ghz-256GB-PVM-STD
Price: $1,700.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-32w-3.1ghz-256GB-PVM-STD -

9117-MMB 32-WAY 3.1 256GB RAM PVM STD

IBM 9117-MMB-32w-3.1ghz-256GB-PVM-ENT
Price: $2,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-32w-3.1ghz-256GB-PVM-ENT -

9117-MMB 32-WAY 3.1 256GB RAM PVM ENT

IBM 9117-MMB-64C-3.1GHZ-1024GB-PVM-ENT
Price: $5,995.00
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Item #: 9117-MMB-64C-3.1GHZ-1024GB-PVM-ENT -

64 Core 3.1GHz (4981) 1024Gb PowerVM Enterprise

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IBM 9117-MMB P7 Server Specifications

  • 4U 19-inch rack-mount system enclosure
  • One to four system enclosures: 16U maximum system size
  • One processor card feature per enclosure (includes the voltage regulator):
  • POWER7 DDR3 Memory DIMMs (16 DIMM slots per processor card)
  • Six hot-swappable, 2.5 inch, small form factor, SAS disk or SSD bays per enclosure
  • Redundant hot-swap AC power supplies in each enclosure
  • Choice of integrated (HEA) I/O options; one per enclosure
  • One serial port, three USB ports per enclosure (max nine per system)
  • Two HMC ports per enclosure (4 max per system)
  • Eight I/O expansion slots per enclosure (32 max per system)

For pricing on new or used IBM 9117-MMB server models, upgrades or parts, please contact Vibrant sales at or call 888-443-8606 or 952-653-1700.