Out of the IBM Power Systems family, the 9119 Model FHB Power 795 is the most powerful to date and is designed to help enterprises deploy cost-effective and flexible IT infrastructure while achieving exceptional application performance. Increase the speed of deployment of new applications and services.

The IBM Power 795 9119-FHB delivers outstanding performance, massive scalability and energy-efficient processing for a full range of complex, mission-critical applications with the most demanding computing requirements. Specifically, the FHB Model is a symmetric multiprocessing rack-mounted server. It comes with either eight 32-core or 24-core processor.

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IBM 9119-FHB Specifications and Configuration details:
  • 24-inch CEC rack frame and up to four I/O expansion frames
  • Up to 256 POWER7 CoD cores operating at 4.00 GHz
  • Up to 192 POWER7 CoD cores operating at 3.72 GHz
  • Up to 128 POWER7 CoD cores operating at 4.25 GHz in TurboCore mode
  • Up to 8.0 TB of DDR3, CoD memory, augmented with optional Active Memory Expansion which can provide up to 16 TB total memory capacity
  • One to eight processor books provide excellent processor granularity. A processor book provides either 32 or 24 CoD cores
  • I/O expansion capabilities of up to thirty-two 24-inch 12X I/O drawers, providing up to 640 PCIe slots and up to 832 disk/SSD bays
  • Up to 2,220 additional DASD bays using up to 185 EIA-2 19-inch disk drawers
  • Dynamic LPAR (DLPAR) with up to 254 partitions supported and up to 256-cores per partition with feature #1256 installed

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