Vibrant buys and sells new and used HP Procurve Switch Models and networking equipment including parts and components. HP Procurve is a rising challenger to Cisco's dominant switch market share and contends with Juniper and Extreme for enterprise network hardware sales. 

Vibrant stocks an expansive inventory of HP Procurve switches and all hardware is fully tested, guaranteed and ready to ship today.   We will also buy back your excess HP Networking Hardware.


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HP 608792-001
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Item #: 608792-001 -

6Gb SAS 8-Port Blade Switch

HP 618260-001
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Item #: 618260-001 -

6Gb SAS 8-Port Blade Switch

HP 619672-B21
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Item #: 619672-B21 -

36-Port 4x QDR Voltaire Infiniband Managed Switch

HP 663658-001
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Item #: 663658-001 -

Blade Switch Module Assembly 6125G XG

HP 679118-B21
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Item #: 679118-B21 -

BL660c Gen8 10Gb FB Blade Kit Server

HP 737226-B21
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Item #: 737226-B21 -

HP 6125G/XG Ethernet Blade Switch

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Item #: AF617A -

KVM Analog Server Console Switch 0X2X16 G3

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Item #: AK857A -

StorageWorks SAN FC Director Switch

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Item #: AM868B -

8/24 SAN Switch 8Gbps 16-Ports Enabled

HP J4119-69001
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Item #: J4119-69001 -


HP J4119A
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Item #: J4119A -

PROCURVE 4000M/8000M Redundant Power Supply

HP J4862B
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Item #: J4862B -

ProCurve 10/100 GL Switch Mod

From 1998 to 2010, HP ProCurve was not only the name of HP’s networking division, but was also associated with the networking products HP sold at that time. Following the acquisition of 3Com Corporation in 2010, the division name was changed from HP ProCurve to HP Networking instead.

Today, HP Networking offers a variety of networking products, including switches, network security modules and appliances, routers and transceivers.


For more information on used HP Procurve switch equipment, please contact Procurve sales at or call 952-653-1700.