Looking for new or used Dell Rack Systems to buy or sell, Vibrant Technologies is the leading dealer globally in remarketed Dell Rackmount servers.  We can custom configure a Dell PowerEdge Server to meet your needs or spec and ship you the exact part or upgrade that you need to optimize your system.  We also carry an extensive inventory of server rails to rack your current Dell server.

Please request a quotetoday or contact us with any questions or equipment for sale.

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Dell PE860-2.4
Price: $200.00
In Stock
Item #: PE860-2.4 -

Powerege 860 DC Xeon 2.4GHZ 3060, 2GB/80GB

Dell PE860-2.13QC
Price: $200.00
In Stock
Item #: PE860-2.13QC -

Powerege 860 xeon Quad Core 2.13GHZ X3210, 2GB/80GB

Dell PESC1435
Price: $191.09
In Stock
Item #: PESC1435 -

Poweredge SC1435 2.8GHZ 2220, 1GB, 80GB

Dell Poweredge1950QC
Price: $275.00
In Stock
Item #: Poweredge1950QC -

Poweredge 1950 2.33GHZ E5345 Quad Core, 4GB, 73GB

Dell PE1950
Price: $350.00
In Stock
Item #: PE1950 -

Poweredge 1950 GEN 3 QC 2.33ghz12mb 8gb 3.5"hdd

Dell PE1950/3.0-5160
Price: $191.10
In Stock
Item #: PE1950/3.0-5160 -

Poweredge 1950 Dual Core 3.0 4MB 5160, 2GB /73GB

Dell PE2950-DC3ghz-4gb-2x73
Price: $350.00
In Stock
Item #: PE2950-DC3ghz-4gb-2x73 -

PowerEdge 2950 DC 3.0GHZ 4MB,4GB RAM, 2x73GB, Perc 5i

Dell PE6850/3.4GHZ
Price: $1,000.00
In Stock
Item #: PE6850/3.4GHZ -

Poweredge 6850 Four DC 3.4GHZ 16MB, 16GB, 2x146GB ultra 320 10k

Dell PE6950/2.0
Price: $475.00
In Stock
Item #: PE6950/2.0 -

Poweredge 6950 2x2.0GHZ 8212, 8GB, 2x73GB, perc 5i raid, bezel and rails

Dell PE6950/3.0
Price: $475.00
In Stock
Item #: PE6950/3.0 -

Poweredge 6950 2x3.0GHZ 8222se, 8GB, 2x73GB, perc 5i raid, bezel and rails

Dell PE6950/2.8
Price: $475.00
In Stock
Item #: PE6950/2.8 -

Poweredge 6950 2x2.8GHZ 8220, 8GB, 2x73GB, perc 5i raid, bezel and rails

Dell Poweredge 860
Price: $250.00
In Stock
Item #: Poweredge 860 -

Powerege 860 DC Xeon 2.13GHZ 3050, 2GB, 160GB SATA

We have pallets upon pallets of Dell rackmount servers in our warehouse from 1U "pizza box" systems to 8U rackmount blade servers including complete rail kits, rack ears, face plates and the accessories and features you need to fill your server racks and data center.

We can custom configure any server or multi-server installation to meet your application needs or business requirements.  We also pay cash for for your excess Dell rack servers and can handle the asset recovery and data erasure of your systems, while cutting you a check.  Just send us your equipment list for a bid!

Please request a quotetoday or contact us with any questions or equipment for sale.