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Dell T130-2C3.7GHZ-8GB-1x1TB
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Item #: T130-2C3.7GHZ-8GB-1x1TB -

PowerEdge T130 Tower Server i3-6100

Dell T300-HotPlug
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Item #: T300-HotPlug -

Poweredge T300 2.5GHz QC , 4GB, 3x146GB SAS 15k , Raid

Dell T430
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Item #: T430 -

PowerEdge T430 Tower Server 0x0

Dell T430-200GB
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Item #: T430-200GB -

PowerEdge T430 Tower 8x 200Gb SDD Hot Plug Dual 1100W Power Supplies

Dell T710-6C
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Item #: T710-6C -

2x2.66GHZ X5650 six core , 12GB, 3x300GB SAS 15k 3.5 ", H700 Raid , 2 Power supplies

Dell Precision T5500
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Item #: Precision T5500 -

T5500 2.66GHZ QC, 8GB, 250GB SATA

Dell KW180
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Item #: KW180 -

Poweredge T610 Heatsink

Dell PE2600/2.4GHZ
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Item #: PE2600/2.4GHZ -

Poweredge 2600 tower 2.4GHZ 400fsb, 512MB/36GB

Dell PE4400/733
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Item #: PE4400/733 -

Poweredge 4400 tower xeon 733 256k, 512MB 18GB

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