Vibrant carries a broad inventory of used IBM AS400 servers, features, upgrades, peripherals and parts. The IBM AS/400 is the legacy to the current IBM System I product line, but Vibrant continues to provide these end of life used and refurbished AS400 systems and parts to clients worldwide. 

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IBM 86G8304
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Item #: 86G8304 -


IBM 9406-170-2385-V5R1
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Item #: 9406-170-2385-V5R1 -

AS400 Model 2385 with V5R1

IBM 9406-2424
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Item #: 9406-2424 -

Processor Regulator Card 270 450Mhz

IBM 9406-2621
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Item #: 9406-2621 -


IBM 9406-620
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Item #: 9406-620 -

As400 Eseries System Server

IBM 97H6242
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2GB Memory Card main storage 3193-9406 AS400

IBM 97P2732
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2432 540MHz 1-Way Backplane

Introduced as AS/400 (Application System/400) in 1988, IBM’s AS400 platform was rebranded as the IBM eServer iSeries in 2000, and again as the IBM System i in 2006. Finally, in 2008, both System i and System p product lines were joined into a single product line called IBM Power Systems. Vibrant carries a wide selection of the end-of-life AS400 line including AS/400 9406, 9404, 9403, 9402, and 9401.


For more information on used or refurbished IBM AS400 iSeries equipment, please contact IBM sales at or call 1.888.443.8606.