Vibrant carries the leading inventory of IBM Power7 Servers, Blades and Upgrades of any reseller worldwide. We buy and sell new and Used IBM P7 Server hardware and can deliver any custom configuration or feature you might require.  With the release of the Power8 / P8 systems, Power7 servers are a better value than ever!

The IBM Power7 Server and System P7 models are the fastest and most power efficient line of machines meant for large scale projects and optimal analytics. Vibrant carries an extensive inventory of new and quality used IBM Power7 servers, upgrades, peripherals and parts. 

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IBM 00E1253
Price: $1,995.00
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IBM 00DJ048
Price: $899.00
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PCIe2 (x8) 0.9Tb Flash Adapter 90 CCIN 578A

IBM 00DJ049
Price: $899.00
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Item #: 00DJ049 -

PCIe2 (x8) 0.9Tb Flash Adapter 90

IBM 00E0635
Price: $25.00
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Item #: 00E0635 -

SER Memory Power 7

IBM 00E0636
Price: $25.00
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Item #: 00E0636 -

SER Memory Power 7

IBM 00E0638
Price: $49.00
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IBM 00E0639
Price: $49.00
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IBM 00E0699
Price: $1,995.00
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Item #: 00E0699 -

3.92GHz 0/16 Core / 4.14GHz 0/8 Core Power7 Processor with 16 DDR3 Memory Slots

IBM 00E0874
Price: $359.00
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IBM 00E0973
Price: $99.00
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Item #: 00E0973 -

Backplane Interposer Card (Non RAID) for 5267, 5263

IBM 00E0974
Price: $99.00
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Item #: 00E0974 -

Backplane Interposer Card (Non RAID) for 5267, 5263

IBM 00E1276
Price: $295.00
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Item #: 00E1276 -

4U CEC Enclosure I/O Backplane & Midplane for 9179-MHC

We not only sell used IBM Power7 equipment, but also will buy back your excess and trade-in systems and features. Request a quote today or contact us for more information.


IBM Power 7 Family overview: 

IBM Power 7 systems are built on IBM power-based multiprocessor architecture. This P7 line succeeded Power 6 with IBM’s 2010 release and was perhaps the most powerful update IBM has ever done in the Power line – helping IBM dominate market share in the Unix server arena.  

Within a few months, used IBM Power 7 servers started to hit the secondary market and are now available in almost every P7 server series.  

Please contact us for pricing and availability. 

These Power7 systems help to deliver the solutions required by server admins, great for gaining fast insights by analyzing structured and unstructured data in concert like images and videos etc…  

These AIX systems are secure & flexible with huge bandwidth capabilities and have the capability to support huge data loads while also running multiple applications at the same time.  All of these features are helpful in helping IT and executives to make better business decisions and to draw insights from IT. 

P7 Design
IBM Power 7 was a substantial evolution of the Power6 design, mainly focused on power efficiency through the use of multiple cores and multi-threading. 

P7 Specifications 

IBM Power systems built on power 7 processor provide 4, 6 or 8 cores (physical) on each microchip. TurboCare mode reduces the cost of software, licensing on per core basis and this mode could be used to turn off half of the cores in processors with 8 cores, which helps in higher core performance. 

In newer systems of IBM Power 7 this mode can help to deliver up to double the performance for each of the present cores. Highlighted Specs of Power7 include:
-   1.2 billion simultaneous compute
-       Instructions can be executed out-of-order whereas in previous version (Power 6) instructions were executed in-order
-          Lower CPU frequency than Power 6 but more efficient performance by each core as compared to p6
-          12 execution units on processor IBM Power7 Models IBM Power 7 includes IBM Power 7 servers and IBM Power 7 blade servers as well. 

IBM Power 7 server Models available for sale -          

Express Models

  • IBM Power 710 Express

This model has 6 or 8 cores, 4.2 GHz CPU clock frequency, 1 socket

  • IBM Power 720 Express

This model has 8 cores, 3.6 GHz CPU clock frequency, 1 socket

  • IBM Power 730 Express

This model has 12 or 16 cores, 4.2 GHz CPU clock frequency, also available in 3.6 GHz frequency, 2 sockets

  • IBM Power 740 Express

This model has 12 or 16 cores, 4.2 GHz CPU clock frequency, also available in 3.6 GHz frequency, 2 sockets

  • IBM Power 750 Express

This model has 24 or 32 cores, some models have 3.72 GHz CPU clock frequency and some have 3.22 or 3.61 GHz frequency, 4 sockets   -          Enterprise Models

  • IBM Power 755

This model has 32 cores, 3.61 GHz CPU clock frequency, 4 sockets

  • IBM Power 770

This model has 48 or 64 cores, 3.3 or 3.7 GHz CPU clock frequency, 8 sockets

  • IBM Power 775

This model has 256 cores, 3.83 GHz CPU clock frequency, 32 sockets   


IBM Power 7 Blade servers 

-  PS700 4 cores, 3.0 GHz clock frequency 

-  PS701 8 cores, 3.0 GHz clock frequency 

-  PS702 16 cores, 3.0 GHz clock frequency 

-  PS703 16 cores, 2.4 GHz clock frequency 

-  PS704 32 cores, 2.4 GHz clock frequency IBM Power 7 systems will help you to boost your business with the latest in unix server technology.


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