• You needed it yesterday, at a great price & quality is a must... Vibrant is the solution.

  • Extend your IT


    Longer hardware life for less... One Vibrant client extended the life of over 100 servers and saved $1.5 million on the upgrade. Here’s how we did it.



    Our technicians and product managers hold years of experience on their IT platform and carry numerous certifications in their specialty.

  • Quality Assurance


    Our long view of client relationships means we’ll never compromise our quality or service. All hardware is guaranteed and fully tested. Sourced from leasing & corporate users.

    Invest in What Matters


    Save on IT Hardware so that you can invest in what really matters – people and the applications that drive ROI + growth for your organization. Get started today.

  • the vibrant story

    In 1998, two veterans of the IT resale industry started Vibrant with a mission to build a company that invested in customer relationships and company culture. These principles allowed Vibrant to bloom into the lively global IT reseller it is today with over 10,000 clients in 60+ countries.

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