Vibrant buys and sells new and used Dell Networking equipment including parts and components. Dell PowerConnect / Force10 is a rising challenger to Cisco's dominant switch market share and contends with HP, Juniper and Extreme for enterprise network hardware sales.

Vibrant stocks an expansive inventory of used Dell PowerConnect switches an Force10 networking, and all hardware is fully tested, guaranteed and ready to ship today. We will also buy back your excess Dell Network & Server Hardware.


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Browse popular models below and some of our Dell Networking products in stock.

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Dell S4810P-FAN-R
Price: $150.00
In Stock
Item #: S4810P-FAN-R -

Reverse Airflow Fan for S4810P Switches

Dell S55T-AC
Price: $150.00
In Stock
Item #: S55T-AC -

Force 10 44 Port Gigabit Switch

Dell S55T-AC-R
Price: $399.00
In Stock
Item #: S55T-AC-R -

44 Port Gigabit 4X SFP Port Switch

Dell S55T-DC
Price: $395.00
In Stock
Item #: S55T-DC -

44 Port Gigabit 4X SFP Port DC Power Switch

Dell S60-44T
Price: $150.00
In Stock
Item #: S60-44T -

44-Port GbE, 4x GbE SFP Port Switch

Dell UJ371
Price: $49.99
In Stock
Item #: UJ371 -

Powerconnect 5324 24 Port Gigabit Switch

Dell VR2YY
Price: $550.00
In Stock
Item #: VR2YY -

PowerConnect 48-Port Gigabit Switch with Dual Power,

Price: $1,400.00
In Stock
Item #: WYWXP -

N2048P 48-Port Gigabit, 2-Port SFP+ Switch

Dell YJ045
Price: $75.00
In Stock
Item #: YJ045 -

Powerconnect 3448 48 port Switch

Dell YY741
Price: $55.00
In Stock
Item #: YY741 -

PowerConnect 10GB Stacking Module For M1000E

Dell 45W0413
Price: $74.10
In Stock
Item #: 45W0413 -

Dell/IBM Powerconnect RPS-600 XIVG2 Rackmount Power Supply

Dell 1GRN3-NEW
Price: $299.00
In Stock
Item #: 1GRN3-NEW -

Force 10 S4810P 350W Power Supply

Dell Networking features the following brands, all of which Vibrant carriers refurbished and used:

  • Dell PowerConnect
  • Dell Force10
  • Dell Sonicwall


For more information on used Dell switches and networking gear, please contact PowerConnect sales at or call 952-653-1700.