Vibrant buys and sells new and used Juniper Network Equipment from the latest Juniper Routers and DX Accelerators to End of Service Models which are no longer offered new. We carry a large inventory of Juniper switch and router equipment allowing us to offer deep price discounts and immediate shipping.

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IBM 74Y7310
Price: $20.00
In Stock
Item #: 74Y7310 -

EX-SFP 10GbE SR SFP+ (Juniper Original)

Price: $1,695.00
In Stock
Item #: EX4500-40F-VC1-BF -

40-Port 1/10G SFP+ Converged Switch, Dual Power

JUNIPER 109P0412B3123
Price: $45.00
In Stock
Item #: 109P0412B3123 -

Fan for EX2200-48P-4G

Price: $15.00
In Stock
Item #: 45D8983 -

Direct Attach Copper Cable EX-SFP-10GE-DAC-1M SFP+

JUNIPER 520-054737
Price: $2,995.00
In Stock
Item #: 520-054737 -

48-Port SFP/SFP+ 6 QSFP Ports, DC Power

JUNIPER 611-049555
Price: $995.00
In Stock
Item #: 611-049555 -

4-Port 40-Gigabit QSFP+ Port Expansion Module

JUNIPER 650-050172
Price: $2,995.00
In Stock
Item #: 650-050172 -

48-Port SFP/SFP+ 6 QSFP Ports, DC Power

JUNIPER 710-016563
Price: $200.00
In Stock
Item #: 710-016563 -

Crypto Module for SSG-500 Series

JUNIPER 711-026017
Price: $299.00
In Stock
Item #: 711-026017 -

2-Port 10G SFP+, 4-Port SFP Uplink Module

JUNIPER 711-028399
Price: $3,200.00
In Stock
Item #: 711-028399 -

2-Port 10Gb Ethernet MIC Module

JUNIPER 711-030220
Price: $125.00
In Stock
Item #: 711-030220 -

Intraconnect Module

JUNIPER 711-033039
Price: $1,600.00
In Stock
Item #: 711-033039 -

EX6210 Routing Engine with 4x 10GbE SFP+ Uplinks

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