HP Compaq Proliant 1850r Server Series

Proliant 1850r ServerVibrant buys and sells new and used HP Compaq Proliant 1850r servers, upgrades and parts.

The Compaq ProLiant Servers 1850R is a space saving, high performance, full-featured rack server designed to meet the needs of ISPs, corporate data centers and remote sites.

Vibrant carries a wide array of Used HP Compaq Proliant Servers.

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Proliant 1850r Features
Proliant 1850r Part Numbers:
328970-xx1, 333100-xx1
Specifications Description
Processor Intel® Pentium II processor at 450 or 400 MHz (dual processor capability)
Memory 64 MB 100 MHz registered SDRAM ECC
Cache Memory 512-KB level 2 ECC cache
Expansion Slots 4 expansion slots
Controllers Network – Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX embedded UTP Controller with full duplex Ethernet support
Storage – Integrated Dual Channel Wide-Ultra SCSI-3
Storage Disk Drives – 1.44 MB
CD ROM – High Speed IDE
Hard Drives – None
Max Internal Storage – 72.8 GB

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